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4 Cities Why Travelers Flock To East Asia 4 Cities Why Travelers Flock To East Asia
My trip to Asia was what eventually inspired me to write my first book, The Freedom Project Travel. From a Western perspective, traveling to... 4 Cities Why Travelers Flock To East Asia

My trip to Asia was what eventually inspired me to write my first book, The Freedom Project Travel. From a Western perspective, traveling to Asia takes you so far out of your comfort zone that your life just has to change in some way or another. It may even inspire you to write a book of your own. Either way, embark on a journey to remember and consider visiting one (or all) of my top 4 cities in East Asia.


Photography PrintsGet acquainted with Japan’s epicenter of cuisine, art, fashion and nightlife. The intense array of activity that permeates through everything is broken up by its green spaces and city’s temple grounds and historic gardens. With an abundance of shopping, dining and entertainment choices for visitors, Tokyo offers something for everyone.

Hong Kong

Take in this global hub’s eclectic mix of city bustle and timeless natural beauty. Somehow I felt instantly at home in what’s considered Asia’s most cosmopolitan city. Hong Kong moves at a pace that is faster than many. Visitors can find a break from the bustle inside the many Taoist temples, immaculate hotel lobbies, remote walking trails or tidy city parks.


The gateway to South East Asia, Singapore’s cosmopolitan feel is part of this tropical city-state’s charm. Gaze at the impressive skyline above lively neighborhoods in this thriving metropolis. Whether you want to visit the boutiques on Orchard Road, dine on Michelin-starred fine dining, or go for the cheaper hawker fare, Singapore has something that will satisfy everyone.


Sell Art OnlineEnjoy the craziness of this overpopulated city – and then escape to one of the paradise beach islands of the Philippines after. Manila has some great sightseeing and boasts a creative, lively soul that any visitor willing to look beyond the crowds will discover a city that is amazing.

My Book

Japan, China, Malaysia and various islands of the Philippines were all part of my four week Asia itinerary. As with any trip, I’ve seen some amazing things, and I was taken well out of my comfort zone by being confronted with cultures and languages that were completely foreign to me.

Putting it black and white, the trip also turned out to be a one-month executive summary of how not to travel. Despite all the beautiful things I saw in Asia, practically speaking there were a lot of things that I had done completely different on previous travels. Without knowing it, I had experimented a lot with different types of travel over the years. Subconsciously I had formed some “best practices” about traveling that I had already started to follow for years. Step by step I had educated myself on how to travel. What to do, what not to do, and how to go about doing it. I never realized it might be harder than it seems to get this concept of traveling right.

If anything, my trip of a lifetime to Asia has made me finally become aware of some of those travel principles I had subconsciously formed. Quite the wake up call, and one of the two reasons that made me decide to write my first book in The Freedom Project series. The book is available through Amazon, finer book retailers all around the globe and directly through the Freedom Project website.

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