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5 Occasions To Use A Limousine Service Instead Of A Taxi 5 Occasions To Use A Limousine Service Instead Of A Taxi
Forget about taxi’s. The amount of times I’ve been taken for a ride, even in my home town, is ridiculous. Drivers often take the... 5 Occasions To Use A Limousine Service Instead Of A Taxi

Forget about taxi’s. The amount of times I’ve been taken for a ride, even in my home town, is ridiculous. Drivers often take the longer road to collect a few extra dollars from you, and then still expect a “tip”. You may think a limousine service is a privilege reserved for the wealthy. I’ve often hired limousines for airport transfers all around the world, and have discovered it can be both cost effective and convenient. Depending on the size of your group, a limousine may be cheaper than taking the dreaded hotel shuttle bus. More often than not, taking a limo makes more sense than other forms of transportation. But did you really need a reason? It’s also just a fun experience.

Here are five occasions to use a limousine service instead of a cab:

Airport Transportation


It’s far too much of a hassle to drive yourself to the airport when you leave, but even more so when you arrive at your destination. Do you really want to wait for a shuttle bus or be taken for a ride by a taxi driver? Instead, have someone wait for you. If you want to save a few dollars, you can opt for the more practical Town Car. For example, in Las Vegas I always have a private driver wait for me, which is really not expensive as you may think with the abundance of party-machine limousines in that town. In New York and many other cities I prefer a more subdued town car, which gets me the same convenience and helps me arrive relaxed, and in style.


A stretch limousine may be default option for the bride and groom, but given the amount of people it fits, it can also be a practical option for the bridal party or out of town guests. Most limo companies have worry-free wedding packages and coordinators who can ensure that everyone will arrive on time and get through the entire day wrinkle-free.


A limousine service can show you the sights in style. Most limousines will rent by the hour. If I just use a limo as a hotel transfer from the Las Vegas airport to my hotel, the ride is about 10 minutes. You pay for the entire hour, so feel free to ask for an extra stop to pick up some groceries or drinks, or even stop by the Las Vegas sign. Just keep an eye on the time. If you go past the one hour, you pay for the next one too. Good drivers are happy to double as a tour guide and photographers as well, so have some fun with the experience – and tip them when you leave, even if the tip was included in your fare.

Sporting Events / Concerts

When you and your friends are going to a game or concerts, the last thing you need is the hassle of driving and parking at the event. Plus, if you want to have a few drinks, you certainly don’t want to be behind the wheel after wards. A limousine can take you to the event and back in style, and adds a lot to the experience value from the evening.

Business Meetings and Conferences

Whether you’re in town for business, or are hosting out-of-town colleagues or potential clients, a limo always looks good. It helps ensure that attendees will get to your meetings on time. A good limo service has experienced drivers who are knowledgeable, discreet, and familiar with the needs of the business traveler.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, please share some other ideas on when you’ve used a limo in the comments below.

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