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A Throwback To 2020 – The Year That Wasn’t. Or Was It? A Throwback To 2020 – The Year That Wasn’t. Or Was It?
The good news is that it’s done. The end of 2020 is here. That means it’s time to look back on the year that... A Throwback To 2020 – The Year That Wasn’t. Or Was It?

The good news is that it’s done. The end of 2020 is here. That means it’s time to look back on the year that wasn’t, and look forward to 2021. Or was 2020 not so bad after all? Let’s make up the balance. It’s also time to make new plans, and maybe do some things different this upcoming year, starting today with a focus on the next few weeks and months.

But there’s also bad news. Over the past few months, Covid19 cases have soared in Canada. It seemed to go pretty good for a while, until our “early” Canadian version of Thanksgiving (in October) created an opportunity for the Coronavirus to spread like wildfire. Despite government warnings and friendly Canadian advice, many people decided to get together for Thanksgiving anyway. Ignoring our bad example, the US followed suit with airports quite busy in the Thanksgiving week. At this point, we can only hope Christmas didn’t have the same adverse impact. We’ll find out in about two weeks from now.

Are we there yet?

Even though we now have started vaccinating people, I’m worried the end isn’t in sight yet because we still don’t get it. While I’m no medical expert and even the real experts still have more questions than concrete answers on this novel (new) virus, a few things are obvious. First of all, just to be clear, the virus is potentially lethal for everyone (with some more at risk than others). We have to protect each other. Secondly, the virus likes to spread itself when people get together. So please don’t create that opportunity.

Our modern world’s amazing geographic mobility and ability to travel often helped spread this new virus rapidly across the world. The issue appears not to be the planes, or travel by itself, but mostly people getting together in relatively close proximity. From my layman’s perspective, that appears to be the single most impactful thing we can do to curb the virus. Please stay happy, safe and healthy. Which for most of you means to stay home. It sucks. But please do.

We will travel again 

Going through some of my travel photography, I’m grateful for everything I was able to see already. But a lot remains to be seen – so ultimately reminiscing on travel photographs made me realize I want to make some more travel plans. Because we will travel again.

In response to the pandemic, some governments now have extended Christmas breaks by a week until January 11. I fully subscribe to that model and I’m taking a little extra time off. I encourage you to do the same, if you can.

I’ve actually started my Christmas break effective as of late November. In the last few weeks, I’ve spent some time on a new book release and other projects I never got around to this year due to a variety of reasons – but other than that I was officially done with 2020, the year that wasn’t, earlier than usual.


Taking responsibility for your beliefs and judgments gives you the power to change them. Byron Katie


Forget about setting goals

Overhead view of woman holding tablet computer, christmas, new year, 2021, goals, lifestyle.COVID-19 was on nobody’s new years resolutions list. Or goals list or bucket list. As a matter of fact, miss Rona ruined a bunch of bucket list worthy experiences that I had planned and lined up for the first six months of 2020. Volunteering my time at an important event, supporting one of my mentors. And, as I wrote about a while back, my shot at being featured at a photography show was also cancelled.

Of course, many different trips were cancelled. I go somewhere near or far almost every month, and I’ve hardly ever cancelled anything. Even if I was “sick and/or tired”, I’d still travel and often would feel instantly better just due to the change of scenery.

All no big deals. There’s always next year and as long as we’re safe and healthy all is good in the world.

But… I’m tired of being told what to do and taking “advice” on setting life goals from self proclaimed gurus who tell me I should work on my goals. Instead of talking about setting goals let’s do something and take action. Work on what matters most to you, now.

Do something. Make a mistake.

What’s the point of making plans and setting goals? Without taking action, there’s none.

One of my highlights of 2020 was taking a test drive on a new motorcycle. Have you ever taken a test drive of a new (or new to you) car and wanted to get back in your old one after? Yeah, me neither. So when I stepped off the test ride with a big smile on my face, the sales guy noticed my excitement and worked out a deal that incentivized me to take action on the spot, make a decision, and go from there. Yes, I bought the bike and marked one more bucket list item complete in lieu of the ones that I missed this year.

Take action. Do something good for yourself. Work on what matters most to you, now. If there’s anything I can do to help, just get in touch.

Let’s make some plans

Happy New Year y’all.

Here’s to 2021, the year that will be different, and where we will travel again. The year in which borders will re-open, travel plans will resume, and we’ll all come out of this isolation.

Until all of that becomes a reality – What are you going to work on that’s most important to you in achieving your life, business and career goals, starting today?

Taking a break, being safe at home, even if you’re in a lockdown, is the perfect time to make a plan, do something different and take meaningful action. Here’s some ideas, just in case:

  • Plan for your future travel. Of course, travel is still tricky right now – but it doesn’t hurt to dream, make plans and maybe even start taking some action towards your future travel goals, even today.
  • Start or grow your business. Build your action plan to survive and thrive through this economic crisis. Use the isolation as an opportunity to do something different / in addition to what you’re doing today.
  • Get started on your book. Everyone has a book inside of them, but most people never get started on that first page. Use your time effectively to finally start on your book dream and share your story to benefit others.
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