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A town called Paradise A town called Paradise
I always thought everything in Las Vegas was bigger and better than in real life. A town called Paradise

I always thought everything in Las Vegas was bigger and better than in real life. Many things are, but they cut a few corners when building the PG rated version of Disneyland in the middle of the desert. The Eiffel Tower, for example, is quite a bit bigger in real. And just to be clear – the real one can be found in Paris, France – not Paris Las Vegas.

I visited the real Eiffel Tower last month – and by the time I slept off the minor jet lag from that trip I decided it was time for some more Paris action. I practice what I preach and travel more often than not. I literally went from Paris to Paris in only a few weeks, which marked a special moment for me. I visited Las Vegas earlier this year and stayed at the Paris hotel, not knowing (but hoping) to make it back to the real Paris later this year. And as you all know, I did. A lot has changed since I came home from that Europe trip. We’ve had some major breakthroughs and successes with my book The Freedom Project, and got another book released featuring my Western Canadian portfolio: A View to Take Home.

In the end I love sharing my travel secrets and stories: My photographic art is my way of giving some of my memories back to the world. The photographs I share with you, on my blog and books, carry one important invitation: to go and see it all for yourself. It is my hope that my images will inspire you to create your own adventure. If I can help you get started it would be my honor and privilege. Have a look at my book The Freedom Project to learn how I organized most of my travels around the world, and was able to fly to many exotic locales for absolutely free. Meanwhile, enjoy the pictures!

My Top Las Vegas Travel Tips

  • Las Vegas shows are part of the true Sin City experience, delivering top-notch entertainment every night of the week! In a city that is known for its world-class casinos, endless buffets and nightlife, don’t forget to get tickets to Las Vegas shows on your next trip to Vegas as well! I usually book my tickets before I leave to ensure I get a good seat at a price I can research beforehand.
  • From the Las Vegas Strip to Fremont Street, Vegas hotels have something special to offer each guest, whether it’s location, spa features, room accommodations, or easy access to the hottest nightclubs that’s vital. You want your Vegas trip to be a memorable one, even if you might choose to keep some of these memories to yourself! Just remember, a Vegas trip starts with a Las Vegas hotel, so why not do it in style.


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