Have You Checked Your Passport Expiry Date Lately?

Have you checked your passport expiry date lately? As the world is slowly starting to travel again (or at least making some plans for future travel) you may not have looked at your travel documents for a while. Having a valid passport is still an important pre-requisite for travel anywhere in the world. You obviously can’t fly if your passport is expired. But even if you have less than six months remaining you may not be able to board your plane.

Across Canada, there are long lineups at the passport offices. Thousands of Canadians are hurrying to the passport office to renew their passports after more than two years of COVID-19 travel restrictions. Passport Canada says it is experiencing very high call volumes right now and wait times are longer than usual. “If you do not have travel plans in the next two weeks, we suggest you wait to call us,” Passport Canada says on its website.

Have you checked your passport expiry date?

Check the expiry dates of your travel documents. Of course your passport expiry date, but if you have a Nexus membership or other trusted traveler card, ensure that one is still valid is well. The same goes for other travel related memberships, like a lounge pass or car rental program you participated in but may have forgotten about. And if you’re living abroad like me, double check your visa or permanent resident card as well.

Do this now: don’t wait until the day before your next flight to find out a document is expired. Replacing it on short notice may be impossible or expensive.

It’s recommended to have a valid passport in your possession before finalizing or booking any trips. That means, if your passport has expired or is within six months of expiring, you should really get the renewed passport in your hands before booking any travel abroad just to be safe. If you’re not able to get your passport in time, your travel insurance may not cover the trip cancellation.

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