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How to have non-gambling fun in Las Vegas How to have non-gambling fun in Las Vegas
I'm almost always planning a trip to Las Vegas - what used to be a trip of a lifetime when I lived in Europe... How to have non-gambling fun in Las Vegas

I’m almost always planning a trip to Las Vegas – what used to be a trip of a lifetime when I lived in Europe is just a perfect quick getaway now that I’m based in Western Canada. While I do enjoy gambling a little while I’m there, I work hard for my money and we all know the house always wins. So let’s look at some non-gambling options for your next trip to Vegas, you might just end up having more fun than you would have thought.

There’s no business like show business

One of the greatest things about Las Vegas is the number of shows that are available. I’ve even seen shows I wasn’t particularly interested in, but decided to tag along – and had a great time regardless. Vegas performers are sure to entertain you. You can watch top comedians, music shows, magic and much more. The list is endless. All you have to do is look at the options available during your visit. I usually buy my Vegas show tickets online before I leave which gets me typically the best deal. Keep in mind the “half off” ticket booths on the Strip usually offer half off the expensive seats which almost always is more expensive than buying a non front-row seat online.

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Las Vegas food is a real melting pot – influences from many different cultures are often combined into one restaurant, or even into one dish. Even when you’re on a budget, do not opt for the cheap foodcourt meals every night, but pick at least one “fancy” restaurant to try as well.

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But is that all what casino cities like Las Vegas are about? Do you have to remain in the city to really and truly enjoy your stay? Definitely not.

Here are some of the better attractions you must see on your visit to Vegas:

Hoover Dam

Watch the architectural marvel known as Hoover Dam. The Dam is built over the Grand canyon which is also a grand sight to see by itself.

Grand Canyon

Embark on an excursion of a lifetime as the natural beauty of the Grand Canyon South Rim unfolds before your eyes.

Las Vegas Helicopter Tour

Not the cheapest option – but in my experience definitely worth the money. If you decide to go all out and see the Grand Canyon this way, make sure to pick the option that lands in the Canyon allowing you to take some pictures. A champagne lunch is often included with this option.

Drive the exotic car of your dreams

Experience the high life at high speed with the Exotics Racing at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, where testing the limits of high performance vehicles is just another day.

I could go on and on about the many other options – but I think you get the picture.
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Sell Art OnlineLast but not least – when you stop by my fine art photography gallery make sure to not miss my Las Vegas collection. We print on acrylic glass, metal and several other high-end options giving you that unique keepsake from a memorable trip to Las Vegas. Make your walls smile!

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