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How travel turns your brain on How travel turns your brain on
I watched this great video the other day about a guy who decided to quit his job and live on his bicycle. I'm Dutch... How travel turns your brain on

I watched this great video the other day about a guy who decided to quit his job and live on his bicycle. I’m Dutch and legend has it the Dutch are born on bicycles, but even though I agree with everything Jedidiah says in this video I still don’t aspire living on a bicycle. But watch the video first (created by Kenny Laubbacher):

Travel wakes up your brain

It’s very true: travel turns your brain on. It makes me feel alive. Exposing myself to different things, and making myself feel uncomfortable being out of my comfort zone is what’s cool. I’ve met so many people that want to have that experience in their life – and the good news is you can, and it doesn’t necessarily require a bicycle or a drastic lifestyle change. I love traveling, but I also love coming home to a familiar place. Becoming a modern nomad probably isn’t for me, as it isn’t for many of you who read this.

Business Insider also wrote an article about a guy who used similar travel hacking ideas that I teach in my book to get a free around the world trip. Cool. But not sustainable. And not what I’m after. I want to travel all the time for free. Not just once in a big binge travel blowout.

FreedomProject-3D-LRAnd that’s exactly why I quit my job, and wrote my book. Travel doesn’t require you to change your life, your career, your home. You can keep everything you love. Most diets don’t work because eventually you’ll start to crave for everything you radically cut out. The trick is in adding the good stuff, small steps at a time.

What I teach is travel hacking simplified: a sustainable way to keep traveling for free, time and time again, by doing what you already do. Just add travel.

Are you ready? Where would you go next if your airfare was free?

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