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The Joy Of Booking Travel Online The Joy Of Booking Travel Online
Booking travel is as almost much fun and comes with an equal number of complications as filing a tax return. There has to be... The Joy Of Booking Travel Online

To me booking travel, especially when it comes to air transportation, is as almost much fun and comes with an equal number of complications as filing a tax return. Although I do have a few favorites, none of the many travel sites out there seem to get it right by creating a completely user-friendly, end-to-end experience that actually makes it easy and fun to book a trip. Somewhere in the process the wheels come off and the entire train derails. I’ve had to deal with a lot of different issues ranging from booking sites failing halfway in the booking process but still taking money from my credit card, all the way to having a confirmed seat on a transatlantic flight that was bought and paid for, but somehow no ticket was issued to me. Now try to explain that to a customer service agent on the phone; or, even more important, try to get it resolved.

If done right however, the payoff of finding and booking travel is well worth the invested effort. The biggest problem to me is the vast amount of options available: for most destinations I can pick from countless airlines and routes to get there. Combine that with the amount of options when it comes to accommodations and it’s a guaranteed recipe for disaster, or at the very least a stressful experience. That’s not the way a trip or vacation should start. Planning and booking a trip should be part of the entire rewarding experience of travel. My proven travel hacking principles will provide you with some helpful tips and insights to master the art of booking travel, and bringing the joy of it all back into the equation – but if you truly want to cut to the chase I’d love to help book your next trip with you. Welcome to my secret world of the travel industry, offering a behind the scenes look. You’ll be able to access industry rates and discounts of up to 65%. On top of that, I’m personally helping you with tips and recommendations to make the most of your trip. Where would you like to travel next? Let me know here. 

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