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Lounge Class: The Only Way To Travel Lounge Class: The Only Way To Travel
This post is an example of the content I share every Friday in my Living by Experience Magazine. If you’d like your free copy,... Lounge Class: The Only Way To Travel

This post is an example of the content I share every Friday in my Living by Experience Magazine. If you’d like your free copy, just click here.

While travelling, being an insider and having certain cards and memberships are what can make all the difference. It gives me access to experiences that enhance my overall travel experience, like business class lounges, even when I fly economy.

After the whole check-in, security and immigration dance is completed my vacation truly has begun. If I have a long time to wait I’ll try to get into the business lounge, which provides a much quieter experience than the “regular” departure lounges. To mark the moment and celebrate the new beginning I’ll treat myself to a nice meal, snack and a glass of wine (or cup of coffee, depending on the time of day). A new adventure awaits me.

I usually get in on one of my travel credit cards, or one of the other membership passes I hold. But even if I don’t, some lounges offer a “day-use” fee for stays up to a couple of hours. Depending on the food and drinks that are included with the fee, it’s usually worth it especially given the much quieter atmosphere. Some even offer showers, which on long layovers between flights are very refreshing. It’s all about the Experience Value. Why wait enjoying the travel experience until I get to the destination?

The Airport’s Quiet Side

Away from the airport hustle and bustle, find yourself at ease, relaxed, and ready to embark on a new adventure from the comfort of a premium airport lounge somewhere. Whether you need to prep for business or simply relax before a flight, why not enjoy world-class service, chef-crafted fare, premium wines and specialty cocktails in luxurious, contemporary settings?

In the Travel Revolution I share several ways to get access to airport lounges, regardless of your choice of airline or class of ticket. One of them is through a Priority Pass membership. They’ll get you access to comfort and convenience just about anywhere you travel with entrance to airport lounges around the globe.

Not all lounges participate, so check the app before you travel. Especially in larger airports, you may have to look for a bit to find a participating lounge. A few smaller, regional airports may not even have a participating lounge. The Priority Pass app will help you find the nearest lounge on your smartphone.

Escape into Lounge Class

With a Priority Pass Membership, enjoy a VIP experience – whoever you fly with, in whatever class of travel and without the need to book in advance. Choose from three plans and on your next flight enjoy access to quiet, comfortable spaces with complimentary refreshments, something to read, Wi-Fi to tap in to, and in some lounges you’ll even find showers, bed and spa facilities to refresh in.


  • Access to over 1300 airport lounges around the world, regardless of airline flown or class of ticket
  • Typically includes yourself and one guest traveling with you
  • Complimentary drinks, refreshments and pre-flight bites including alcohol
  • Download your Digital Membership Card to gain instant access.
  • And much more. Click below to find out more.
Priority Pass


Want to know more?

When you play your cards right and implement the travel hacking principles from my Travel Revolution program, you might even be able to get a complimentary Priority Pass membership. In the program, I share step by step how I implemented the travel hacking principles from my book The Freedom Project. Using screen recordings of my own accounts, I show you exactly how I go about booking free airfare, getting upgraded in hotels (including Las Vegas) and how I’m currently able to get a free Bahamas trip every year.

Travel Revolution


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