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My Top 5 Travel Destinations in Europe My Top 5 Travel Destinations in Europe
Whether you plan to explore the ins and outs of Europe or wish to choose one of the most visited travel destinations in the... My Top 5 Travel Destinations in Europe

Whether you plan to explore the ins and outs of Europe or wish to choose one of the most visited travel destinations in the area, there are plenty of amazing bucket-list-worthy options to choose from. In Europe, many city centres combine amazing food, old-world-charm and modern day nightlife. No matter where you go, Europe will bring you the vacation memories of a lifetime. Here’s the top 5 of my favourite cities to visit.


When visiting the historic city of London, you will discover a wealth of attractions and activities that will have your head spinning for days. You can take in the vastness of St. Paul’s Cathedral. Admiring the sunset from the Waterloo Bridge. Don’t miss the Tower of London, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, as well as Buckingham Palace. I never bothered to wait around for the changing of the guard ceremony, by the way.

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When it comes to architectural achievements, Rome leads the way. It’s amazing to see so many old structures still standing after all these years, or what’s left of them. With the likes of Michelangelo and other great talents, landmarks such as the Sistine Chapel will always be some of the most impressive must-see attractions in the world. My favourites are the Colosseo, the Trevi Fountain (and gelato shops nearby), and of course the Roman Forum.

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Sell Art OnlineMy university city holds lots of good memories, and I try to get back here every once in a while just to do some shopping. As you walk through the streets of Amsterdam, you will encounter an awakening of the senses: the air is filled with an interesting mix of marijuana smoke and local restaurants. You’ll meet tons of interesting locals, most of which will speak near flawless English albeit with a thick Dutch accent. There’s history and culture at every turn. Try to attend an outdoor market, and take a canal tour through the city centre. To find more reasonable priced canal tours as the ones you find near the Central Station, venture out a little further. Just keep walking straight out of the station following the “Damrak”.

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Germany is just a short car ride from The Netherlands. You can even get there by high speed train. I’ve done this many times, sometimes just for a quick weekend trip. The German Christmas markets are second to none. Berlin is the capital of Germany, and known for it’s cultural highlights. Some of the main areas to visit are the greenery in southwest Berlin, the historic centre of Mitte, and the Prenzlauer Berg in the northeast.

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Sell Art OnlineThe smell of freshly-baked croissants, the sound of an accordion player, the inspiring sight of the Eiffel Tower: “Paris is always a good idea.” I love this city so much I’ve been back to this magical city more than once since moving to Canada. Even though I skip the Eiffel tower (you can see it better from elsewhere in the city), there’s something about the atmosphere in Paris that makes me coming back there time and time again.

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Here’s some additional destinations in Europe that are quite popular. Just do yourself a favour and don’t try as many destinations as possible into your ten day trip to Europe. I’d much rather spend a full week in Rome, and just see Rome, than do eleven countries in ten days. Just saying. You can click on each city name to see my curated list of hotels (most at preferred rates) in each of the destinations.

Vienna: Often referred to as one of the greatest capitals in all of Europe, Vienna provides a wealth of tradition that has surpassed expectations in the art, political, and economic scene. Not a cheap destination, but definitely worth it.

Florence: Decorated with small luxury accommodations, trendy eateries, and an overload of charm, this city provides an impressive display of Tuscan hospitality.

Venice: Oozing with romance, many newlyweds find their way to this exciting destination that offers connecting bridges over mesmerizing canals, romantic-filled nooks and crannies, and intriguing Venetian architecture.

Barcelona: Offering an assortment of spectacular samples in Spanish art, fashion, lodging, and dining, Barcelona is a great place to plan a vacation. Barcelona is also a popular starting point for many Mediterranean cruises, be sure to give yourself plenty of time before (and/or after) your cruise to explore everything this city has to offer.


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