A brand new year, a brand new travel blog: welcome back to Living by Experience

Hello again, world! With the New Year comes a new blog.

Hello again, world! I’m launching a new blog for the New Year to keep you in the loop on my latest work and document my photographic journey. In case we haven’t crossed paths before, I’m a professional traveller, author, and photographer, finding inspiration globally while considering the Canadian Rockies my home base.

Throughout more than half my life, I’ve captured the beauty of our planet and its diverse inhabitants. My aim is to share these experiences through art, writing, and speaking engagements.

My passion for travel stories led me to write “The Freedom Project,” offering a fresh perspective on travel as a lifestyle with universal benefits. I’ve also created “A View to Take Home,” a colourful book featuring inspiring travel photography from Western Canada.

I look forward to sharing my experiences with you in this new blog!

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