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Tango in Buenos Aires Tango in Buenos Aires
The tango is so intimate that one gets confused; Tango in Buenos Aires

The tango is so intimate that one gets confused; you fall in love with the tango and you fall in love with the tango dancer.

About two years ago now, I traveled to Buenos Aires in Argentina and met some amazing people. I’ve been writing a lot about Paris lately (from Paris, France to Paris, Las Vegas). An update from my trip to the Paris of South America seemed in order this month. Vámonos a la Argentina.

“Sin Calles ni atardeceres de Buenos Aires no puede escribirse un Tango” ~Without the streets nor dusks of Buenos Aires a Tango cannot be written (Jorge Luis Borges)

601459_10151259746964275_942163189_nAs you know I participated in some art festivals over the summer, and one couple I met there was planning to open a dance school in Calgary. I quickly learned they had been working on their studio for about six months, and had not been able to open yet due to the delays in construction and renovation of their space. I was truly impressed by their plans to create such a magnificent space for their dream.

It also gave to think. What do we really need to open a dance studio? The video from Buenos Aires shows a tango school who didn’t need much more than some pieces of cardboard, ducktaped to the ground and some music to put on a great show. According to some, this outdoor show was ten times better than many indoor, on-stage performances.

While we can definitely strive to makes things perfect, we also risk not getting there at all by wanting too much. What if the renovation budget runs out well before we ever attract our first client? Doesn’t the same often apply to anything we do in life? Our monthly budget runs out well in advance of getting to our dreams, like traveling more.

A year from now you wish you had started today. (Karen Lamb)

I love this quote. Keep things simple and start today – it really doesn’t need to be perfect. Our couple in the streets of Buenos Aires continues to attract a crowd every single night of the week. You can too. We are all supposed to sing or dance while the music is being played.


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