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The only thing better than travel? Free travel! The only thing better than travel? Free travel!
Some people say "if travel was free, you'd never see me again". Well, what are you waiting for? After I moved to Canada at... The only thing better than travel? Free travel!

Do you dream of traveling the world, and flying for free?

Some people say “if travel was free, you’d never see me again”. Well, what are you waiting for? After I moved to Canada at age twenty-something I blew most of my savings account. One of the reasons to relocate to North America was to explore the world from this angle. With little money left in savings, I had to find a way to get on board of aircrafts for free – and I did. Once I got to my destination, I could choose to make a trip as expensive (or cheap) as I wanted. I wrote what I discovered down, and one thing led to another, eventually resulting in a number one best selling book!

The Freedom Project shows a new approach to travel as a lifestyle. Travel has countless benefits to all areas of life, and they are available to everyone. This book is the liberating blueprint for finding freedom and happiness in your traveling life.

The Freedom Project explains, for the first time, the secrets of travel Wilko has used to explore the world, and fly for free:

  • How to escape, and deal with what gets in the way of getting away.
  • How to plan for travel, turning your dreams into goals, and plans into action.
  • How to book travel and claim what’s yours.
  • How to prepare to leave, and find the purpose of being packed and ready to go.
  • How to go to where you want to be, bridging the distance while still feeling connected.
  • How to be at the destination, and live your traveling life feeling more alive.
  • How to come home and take some of your traveling “self” to who you are at home.

Wilko van de Kamp Author | Artist | Advisor

Hi, I’m Wilko van de Kamp, creator of Liberty Training Academy and author of the Freedom Project book series. For more than 15 years, I have helped people and their companies achieve their own results beyond their goals. I work with authors, coaches and experts to build their brand to become a #1 industry influencer and increase their impact on the communities they serve. We focus on every aspect of personal brand building through technology and storytelling, with a relentless focus on accelerating the achievement of their personal, professional and financial goals. And I would love to do the same for you! To get started, you can preview any of my courses free of charge.