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The Traveler Who Never Found His Way Home The Traveler Who Never Found His Way Home
Just over a month ago, fellow traveler Anthony Bourdain committed suicide by hanging himself in his hotel room in France. Bourdain was working on... The Traveler Who Never Found His Way Home

Just over a month ago, fellow traveler Anthony Bourdain committed suicide by hanging himself in his hotel room in France. Bourdain was working on an upcoming episode of his award-winning CNN series, Parts Unknown. In a way, he’s like the traveler who never found the way home – or maybe he did. I’m sad that he’s gone. Bourdain was one of the greatest social storytellers of all time.

He asked simple questions: What makes you happy? What do you eat? What do you like to cook? The questions invoked profound responses; he managed to really connect with people and share their stories through his books and tv productions. CNN said, “In death, as in life, Anthony Bourdain brought us closer together.” Depression is no stranger to me, and Bourdain’s death reminded me of a passage from my Love book that I’ll include below.

Nothing is pure coincidence

Meeting a fellow human being is a precious opportunity to establish a connection. Every moment contains an inherent invitation to connect with the world around you. In connecting with others we can come together to expand our mutual consciousness. We’re here to connect with and learn from one another. This holds particularly true for friendship, but it applies to any meeting of the minds. No meeting, or relationship, is pure coincidence.

As a generation we’ve become unfamiliar with making that connection. We don’t quite know what to say, or how to act. We feel out of place, and in any socially awkward situation staring down to your smart device has become the go-to response. If you’re willing to rule out pure coincidence, dare to ask yourself the question why that person is beside you on the plane next time you travel. Ask why someone is in line in front, or behind you, at your favourite coffee shop. Even better: ask them a simple question.

Two A Day Challenge

People are waiting to be connected with. They might not know how to take that first step. We live on a lonely planet. To break that cycle, I’m asking you to connect with the next person you meet or bump into. Practice being an encouraging and kind person. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture or long-winded conversation. Start small. Offer a smile, or a friendly greeting. Open the door for someone, or say thank you when someone does something small for you. Find two people today you can help out this way. Break that invisible barrier of our modern world. Break the social isolation and the loneliness and depression it brings. Make a friend; you might make someone’s world just a little bit better.

It’s these small gestures that have the power to change the world as their ripple effect turns into something much bigger. We learn from each other what we need to experience in our own life to continue our process of personal growth and self-realization.

Are you with me?

You Are Not Alone

If your life is in danger or you know someone’s life is in danger DIAL EMERGENCY NOW (often 911 in your area)  DO NOT HESITATE! You can click here for Emergency services in your area.

If you are experiencing suicidal thoughts, you need to know that you’re not alone. You can also call if you are not in crisis, seeking additional information.

Canadian Crisis Centres

United States Crisis Centres

International Crisis Hotlines

Worldwide Emergency Numbers

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