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The wonders of beautiful British Columbia, Canada The wonders of beautiful British Columbia, Canada
In my photography book A View to Take Home I explored the awe-inspiring beauty of Western Canadian provinces Alberta and British Columbia by motorcycle.... The wonders of beautiful British Columbia, Canada

In my photography book A View to Take Home I explored the awe-inspiring beauty of Western Canadian provinces Alberta and British Columbia by motorcycle. Today, I’m going to share some of the highlights of Canada’s westernmost province: beautiful British Columbia.

Sell Art OnlineBritish Columbia stretches from the Pacific west coast, all the way to the Rocky and Columbia mountain ranges in the east. The province is famous for its spectacular mountain and coastal scenery. So famous in fact, that every car license plate will say “beautiful British Columbia” – and nobody disputes it. Many species of wild life that have become scarce elsewhere still do very well here. You can encounter anything from wolves, bears, and whales who enjoy hanging out along the rugged coastline.

For animal and bird watchers, nature and travel photographers, and anyone who enjoys any kind of outdoor adventure sports, British Columbia is the perfect place to have an extended vacation away from it all. In summer activities range from cross-country bike touring, hiking, fishing and horseback riding, to cross-country and downhill skiing, snowboarding and snowmobiling in winter.

Northern British Columbia

The top part of the province stretches from the mountainous fjords on the west coast, to the incredible Rocky Mountains, featuring pristine forests and countless lakes, rivers and streams. Here you’ll find plenty of wildlife to photograph, and excellent hunting, fishing and hiking. There are great camping spots in the National Parks. In my photography class (over 1000 participants, and counting!), I’ll teach you everything about my photography secrets to make sure you get the most out of your camera next time you travel, and don’t miss that shot-of-a-lifetime!

Cariboo, Chilcotin and Coast

British Columbia’s central region is bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the west and the Cariboo Mountains in the east. This popular region is a land of alpine meadows, glaciers and snow-capped mountains, grasslands and lush valleys, waterfalls, lakes and meandering streams, and wild, splendid fjords on the coast.

Okanagan and Similkameen

Art PrintsThe south includes the Okanagan and Similameen valleys, where you’ll find lots of vineyards, orchards and farms. Your accommodation options in this area include anything ranging from back-country camping to ultra luxury resorts. The lakes provide excellent fresh water fishing and watersports, and the many resorts offer golf, horseback riding, hiking, and mountain biking. In winter there’s a full range of any snow-related sport imaginable at your disposal.

The Kootenays 

These mountain ranges lie side by side in the southeastern part of British Columbia. Your travel photography will include postcard-perfect images of pristine lakes and streams, natural hot springs, and panoramic mountain views. Some of the most popular outdoor activities include kayaking, hiking, mountain climbing, fishing and boating in summer. In the winter months you’ll find a great variety of snow and ice related activities.

Vancouver Island

Photography PrintsMy book A View to Take Home features some of my unseen coastal work from Vancouver Island. Don’t miss this magnificent destination in your Canadian adventure itinerary. During your stay on Vancouver Island, you’ll get the chance to explore BC’s capital city, which is not Vancouver as so many people (myself included) believe. Victoria, located at Vancouver’s southern tip, is famous for it’s super relaxed lifestyle and hospitality with visitors from around the world. From here you can take a whale tour, not cheap but definitely worth it. This cosmopolitan and friendly city is the perfect place to start your visit to scenic British Columbia.

See it for yourself in my book

A View to Take Home is a collection of high-resolution, exquisitely-shot photographs that offer readers an in-depth experience of a world that expands from the Canadian prairies all the way to the Pacific Ocean. Featuring photographs from Calgary to Victoria on Vancouver Island, A View to Take Home provides an escape into rugged nature, and surprising urban angles. Western Canada is a world filled with vibrant colors and textures, and Wilko brought them all together in his book. The Canadian Rocky Mountains are inhabited by an entertaining population of characters from the animal kingdom, each with their own unique personalities. A View to Take Home uncovers a unique perspective on this world, and brings it right into your living room.


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