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Travel Tips: What To Expect As You Book Summer Travel This Year Travel Tips: What To Expect As You Book Summer Travel This Year
This post is an example of the content I share every Friday in my Living by Experience Magazine. If you’d like your free copy,... Travel Tips: What To Expect As You Book Summer Travel This Year

This post is an example of the content I share every Friday in my Living by Experience Magazine. If you’d like your free copy, just click here.

After two years of travel restrictions, we’re getting excited to start traveling again. Have you start making plans for your summer travel yet? Here’s what to expect as travel continues to be impacted by Covid-19.

As travel is returning towards pre-pandemic levels, unusually long lines at airports and passport offices continue to cause delays for Canadian travellers across the country. Bringing along some patience is recommended as the Covid-19 rules are still in effect when flying. To make matters worse (and lineups longer), the staffing levels at airports and passport offices haven’t returned to pre-pandemic levels yet, leaving workers struggling to meet the increasing demand. In particular travellers at the busier airports (think Vancouver and Toronto) may have to line up for hours before boarding their plane.

Of course the airports are blaming the Covid-19 protocols, while the federal government continues to claim that the remaining measure are in effect for summer travel to protect the health of Canadians as the virus is still spreading. Long story short – things aren’t back to “normal” just yet and you can expect your journey through the airport to take a little longer.

Summer Travel Tips

  • Random Covid-19 testing upon your return to Canada remains in effect for summer travel.
  • Travellers entering Canada are required to submit their vaccine information and travel itinerary before arrival in Canada through the ArriveCAN app.
  • Be mentally prepared for delays both in the airport, as well as while your plane is on the ground before disembarking as the clearance process likely will take longer.
  • Have a backup plan: try to book airfare that’s flexible or has at least one allowed change, or consider making plans for fall or winter instead of summer and stay closer to home.

A Better Travel Experience

Being mentally prepared for delays may help adjust to the new experience when travelling, but maybe you’re simply not interested in lining up for hours at airport security? The travel hacking I teach in my Travel Revolution program goes beyond booking tickets and hotels – but in general helps to elevate your travel experience altogether.

That means, for example, being able to use the “business” lineup to get through security (and to your glass of wine in the airport lounge) a lot faster, even when you’re not flying business class.

As always, it also means booking early enough, using optimized routes and flying direct as often as possible to minimize the chance of missed connections or lost luggage due to airport delays.

Long story short – travel is still tricky right now – but it doesn’t hurt to dream, make plans and maybe even start taking some action towards your future travel goals, even today. Upgrade your experiences with flights, hotels, free trips – it’s all inside my Travel Revolution program. I share step by step how I implemented the travel hacking principles from my book The Freedom Project. Using screen recordings of my own accounts, I show you exactly how I go about booking free airfare, getting upgraded in hotels (including Las Vegas) and how I’m currently able to get a free Bahamas trip every year.

Travel Revolution Preview

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