What gets in the way of getting away?

I’ve met so many people that speak to me at art events and art galleries and say, ‘I’ve always really wanted to visit Paris or I’ve always really wanted to go to South America’ – or whatever place it might be for you.

To me the response always was ‘So why don’t you?’

8I do realise that it’s not as easy as that: there’s a lot of things that hold us back. There’s jobs, there’s mortgages, there’s families, there’s a whole bunch of things that keep us from going after that passion for travel and going after that dream.

When I started travelling, I didn’t realise that being on the road made me feel really free. I wanted to find a way to take that home with me and become my travelling self at home.

Today, I no longer use travel from an escape from a life that I didn’t even like in the first place.

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