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What To Do When Visiting the City of Angels: Los Angeles What To Do When Visiting the City of Angels: Los Angeles
It’s where they have really expensive cars but only drive them in first gear because of the traffic, and then pay more in parking... What To Do When Visiting the City of Angels: Los Angeles

It’s where they have really expensive cars but only drive them in first gear because of the traffic, and then pay more in parking fees to get rid of it: Los Angeles.

While I loved my time here, there’s destinations with equally nice weather but way less traffic hassle. Just to name one: Hawai’i.

I wrote the draft of this post on my last day in the city of angels, in the airport waiting for my delayed flight home. You know you’ve maximized your time on a trip when you’re in the airport lounge, sipping a glass of wine – realizing you’re still wearing your (wet) swimming shorts.

LA is officially another city I’ve come to love. Here’s my must-see itinerary for when you make it down there.

Venice Beach

Young man enjoying music while walking in the streets

Venice beach is one of the most popular beaches in LA. It’s full of colorful murals, funky shops and many street performers. When you visit Venice you will experience a beach town with the heart of the bohemian style.

Santa Monica Pier and Promenade

Young tourist with a bike in Los AngelesAlso known as the Third Street Promenade, this Pier is a complete entertainment complex. It’s 3 blocks of fun, fine dining and premier shopping. It attracts people from all over LA that come to experience this shopping nirvana.

Shopping at The Grove

If you like to go shopping, there’s no other option like The Grove. This is the most glamorous experience you could ask for where you can find anything from accessories, to fashion, to great dining and events.

Rodeo Drive

Beautiful Girl in CaliforniaIf you’ve ever heard of Beverly Hills, well this is part of Rodeo Drive, what it’s commonly called among locals, the luxury goods stores. Rodeo drives stretches 2 miles from Beverly Hills to the south of LA. It’s here that you can find the famous Rodeo Collection, an outstanding 4 story high shopping mall with 70,000 square feet full of retailers

Melrose Avenue

Very close Rodeo Drive you can find another famous spot, Melrose Avenue. Melrose Avenue is where you can find Hollywood and Paramount Pictures. It’s a must visit destination for dining, shopping and entertainment in the heart of Hollywood.

Pick any museum

Take your pick: Getty, LACMA, Grammy Museum, or one of the many others. The Grammy Museum on Olympic Blvd in Los Angeles is a one of a kind experience. This is actually a group of museums dedicated to Grammy award winners. Here you can see showbiz artifacts found nowhere else and most of the exhibits are interactive.

Two Bit Circus

There’s no other way to describe the Two Bit Circus but to say, it’s simply a carnival of the 21st century all bundled up into a big fun game in one giant location. Here you can find virtual reality entertainment, escape rooms, arcade and basically everything else in between. It’s like visiting a mini amusement park.

Rent a Car

Last but not least – pick a nice place to stay, and rent a car so you can experience the LA traffic insanity for yourself, but are also able to venture out to Malibu and some other places a little further from the city centre. Here’s my recommended options:

See LA, differently

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