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An introduction to my take on organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) An introduction to my take on organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
You probably didn't know I've maintained an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) business ever since I was in university (even for me that's been a... An introduction to my take on organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

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You probably didn’t know I’ve maintained an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) business ever since I was in university (even for me that’s been a few years now 🙂

With almost 20,000 sites submitted (!), the original service has done very well for my Dutch clients back home. Even if you have a nice website… can people find you online? This article will outline what SEO is, how it works, and how I might be able to help your site right away.

What is SEO?

SEO is a way of analyzing your site and, where needed, modifying it to allow search engines to read and index it more easily. SEO is all about maintaining and building websites that get ranked highly on the major search engines. When people use a search engine, they generally don’t look beyond the top 20 or so results – which is maybe the first page of search results, or two if you’re dealing with a (rare) patient internet user. If you want to make any money from your website, you need to get ranked in the top 20 out of potentially thousands of websites competing for the same attention.

How Does SEO Work?

Search engines maintain a huge database containing information from individual websites. Most of the information search engines collect isn’t listed on their results pages, but it is taken into consideration when it comes to deciding how high (or low) you’re going to rank on the search results page.

The good news is that you can encourage search engines to rank your website in a high position, and you can do this through the keywords that you use on your website, as well as when you submit your site’s information for indexing. If the keywords you use in your submission tool don’t match the ones on your site then you could harm your rankings – be sure to have all the keywords you want to use on the website itself before you submit it.

Free, organic search engine growth marketing

The major search engines on the Internet are still free, and it’s not hard to take advantage of this free advertising – with our help you can do it in as little as a few minutes. Even though major search engines have powerful advertising programs, what I’m after is organic growth – just like I teach students of my social media masterclass. Sure, you can pay Google, Facebook, and these days even Twitter a small fortune for some exposure, but it’s way more interesting for me to organically get those results and using the money saved on a nice vacation somewhere 🙂

Give it a try


P.S. And if you don’t have a website yet, read this article I wrote a while back – maybe it’s time to start a site of your own?


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