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Need inspirational image quotes for your social media? Need inspirational image quotes for your social media?
Today I’m sharing about one of my lesser-known side projects: It’s a website I’ve maintained for many years, for the sole purpose of... Need inspirational image quotes for your social media?

Today I’m sharing about one of my lesser-known side projects: It’s a website I’ve maintained for many years, for the sole purpose of having a place to store my favourite quotes. When I watch a movie or read a book I often find inspiring quotes, and I’ve used many of them for my books, and articles. Instead of keeping my collection to myself, the site shares them with the world for everyone to see.

But not anymore. Yesterday I realized that it would be great to combine my love for photography with the written word. A few hours of coding later it’s done. Every quote on MountainQuotes now has a picture version available. But it gets better: the picture is shareable and you’re welcome to use them for your social media.

Sharing quotes is powerful. It spreads a little motivation and inspiration to your audience. In turn they might retweet and share your update, further expanding the reach of your account. It’s the kind of organic social media growth I teach students in my social media masterclass. No need to pay for advertisements. I’ve grown my accounts to influencer status by sharing great content, all the time.

Sounds like something you could do? I’ve spent some more hours coding. MountainQuotes members can now connect their Twitter account to our site. Once you activate (for free) we’ll share a motivational image quote on your Twitter daily. Just because you’re awesome. And because I love quotes, and photography, and it’s time to spread the wealth.

Curious to learn more? Check out MountainQuotes for yourself and see some examples here. If you want to give it a try, you can register for an account from that page and set up your free daily shares from there.

Three things tell a man: his eyes, his friends and his favorite quotes.

Automatically Share Daily Motivational Quotes To Your Twitter

Create an account for free and we will share our quotes to your Twitter automatically every day. We use our high quality images, optimized for display on social media. Sharing quality daily content will help you engage your audience and deliver value to them. They might just love it so much they’ll Retweet (from your account!) which will help you create increased exposure for your account.

Options Available

  • Unique Image Quotes – we generate images on the fly uniquely for your account
  • Huge and ever growing collection of inspirational quotes
  • Royalty FREE High Quality images optimized for social media
  • Include your website on the quotes, helps Branding & Drives FREE traffic
  • 100% Compatible with the latest social media requirements
  • Handpicked Quotes – better Engagement, more likes, shares, comments
  • Relevant custom high performing hashtags included where available
  • Start now and we’ll send your first image within 24 hours

How it works

  1. Sign up for a FREE account by clicking the button below
  2. Connect your Twitter account. We connect using Twitter’s secure API and don’t need your password.
  3. Activate your Daily Tweets.
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