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Are You Searching For Your Own Site On Google? Are You Searching For Your Own Site On Google?
I was on a webinar the other day where the host, in response to a question I asked, Googled for my name. It was... Are You Searching For Your Own Site On Google?

I was on a webinar the other day where the host, in response to a question I asked, Googled for my name. It was a fun experience, but honestly I didn’t know what to expect when he started typing my name. Did you ever look for yourself on Google? I hadn’t, for a long time.

Most business owners and professionals alike will enter their own (business) name from time to time to see what shows up – and where they rank. To drive traffic to your site, it’s “easy” to spend a small fortune on social media ads. Lately, I’ve been on a bit of a rampage against the idea of wasting money that way. I’m just tired of every “guru” out there claiming we need to be focused on paid advertising. I love working with LeadPages for some of my landing pages and promotions, but they’ve been pushing Facebook ads a bit too much recently for my liking. As Oscar Wilde said, “Everything popular is wrong.” It’s true.

Everything popular is wrong.

Oscar Wilde

6 or 7 figures means zero

The assumption of social advertising is premature, and for most small entrepreneurs, incorrect. Why? Every lucky creative entrepreneur I speak to sees some results, but they’re not making much of a profit beyond earning their advertising dollars back. What’s the point in that? And then there’s the less lucky ones, who don’t see any results at all. Period. Occasionally I meet the one exception to my rule, but their advertising budget is usually several millions higher than mine. That’s just not a meaningful comparison. If someone is touting ads next, dare to ask about specifics, and then apply a rule of thumb I learned early (come to think of it, very early) on working in one of my first jobs in the financial services industry: Anyone doing well isn’t afraid to give specific numbers. Anyone not doing so great masks it with claims about “6 or 7 figures” – which, without specifics, mean zero. Do I confront people makes those claims? Not necessarily – but I won’t take them serious going forward.

Change Your Thinking

So without this post turning into yet another rant about (anti-)social media, let me throw in a few positive notes. I love social media, and I enjoy a lot of perks because of my unusual approach to social media. Cool example? Read the story here about a free trip I got thanks to Twitter. It was a lot of fun. And I spent zero dollars on advertising getting to that point. It’s all been based on organic growth. That’s how I’ve grown my profiles, and businesses alongside with it. Slow and steady wins the race, every time. Participating in somebody else’s platform instead of building your own makes your business very dependent. Not sure about you, but I started this creative journey to find freedom, not be a participant in another company as a covered-up employee. In my Growth Hacking class I teach my model of reversing the social media flow. Instead of focusing on participating in somebody else’s platform, I leverage those platforms to drive (free) traffic back to my own. It’s probably how you found my blog and this article today. (Welcome!)

Stop Selling Yourself

One of the most reliable ways of organic marketing is optimizing your site for search engines. What does anyone do when they face a problem of any kind? Right, they look on Google. You don’t need to sell anyone on the solution your company offers. They’re already looking for you and the solution to their problem you can provide. If you take anything from this post, take this: Stop looking for where you rank, instead – start seeing your site in the top results.

Check out the video illustrating this point:

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