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6 Steps To Become A Bestselling Author 6 Steps To Become A Bestselling Author
In the last module of my book writing course, I talk about the steps necessary to make your book a bestseller. It doesn’t matter... 6 Steps To Become A Bestselling Author

In the last module of my book writing course, I talk about the steps necessary to make your book a bestseller. It doesn’t matter whether you want to do it through an online bookstore or from your own website, both are viable. To get started on becoming the next bestselling success, take these steps from my program into consideration:

Pick a date

Pick the specific day you want to become a best seller. Focusing on a specific day provides you the leverage to sell a large amount of books quickly. Selling 500 books over 6 months is not as impressive as selling 500 books in one or two days.

What’s in it for me?

Be specific and create your “what’s in it for me?” offer. Don’t shy away from making a big claim or promise, as long as you can deliver. Your book is a valuable resource for your clients. But selling it by itself puts it up against all the other books already on the market for your subject. I don’t like those odds.

What you need is something “extra” — something that really let’s the perspective buyer know that you want to help them.

If you were to sell your book (for let’s say $20) and then offered everyone who purchased your book on your launch day $200 in bonuses from experts… do you think they’d be more likely to buy? And buy on that day?

Of course they would.

This is where you stop thinking about you. As fulfilling as writing a book is, it’s never about you. Writing a book is about sharing a small part of your story for the benefit of all concerned. Start thinking about the group of people you want to help by writing your book in the first place. Think of everything you can offer to add value to your book.

Leverage Your Network

Reach out to people you know and Leverage the relationships you’ve built. Simply go back to the experts who provided you the bonus items for your book promotion, let them know the day you have picked as your bestseller day and ASK them if they would help you promote it on that day. Of course, give them a free (signed) copy of your book to entice them to share the book with their audience and network.

Don’t be cheap here. These are experts who have earned the right to be called an expert. You are asking them for a favor. Be generous and to let them read your book first.

If you can afford it, send them a physical copy. Buying author copies is cheap if you’ve set up your distribution properly, so this should really be a no-brainer. Giving someone a free copy of my Travel book costs me less than buying someone a cup of coffee at Starbucks. I love my coffee, but guess which one I prefer. If you really can’t, email them a digital copy with a short, concise explanation of what you are trying to achieve on your bestseller launch date.

Leverage businesses

Rather than relying on a single sale at a time from individual buyers, try to sell many books to a single person. For example, approach businesses that sell products or services related to your book and see if they’d be willing to buy a large number of copies to sell or give away to their network.

Get home town support

If your book is about a localized subject – like a travel guide to Canadian Ski Resorts – you could focus on specific, non-competing businesses in those ski resorts to promote your book.

You could also contact local radio and/or TV stations to get publicity for your book promotion. I’ve been featured on radio and television many times just to have a brief conversation about one my books.

Amplify your reach

The biggest key to your bestselling book promotion is not to just go through the motions. Make your bestseller book launch an event to leverage the power of your published book. The ultimate goal is not to just publish a book, but to become an author. As an “authorpreneur”, you have the ability to create extra income streams and become a recognized authority in your field, all because of the fact you’re a published author. If you’d like to learn more about this process, check out the third module of my author program, The Comprehensive Guide To Generating Income From Your Book.

But, no matter what you do on your author journey, please have FUN with it.

Become an Authorpreneur

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