Always wanted to be a published author?

The publishing industry is changing rapidly, and traditional options no longer suffice for modern day budding authors. Finding a traditional publishing home is nearly impossible, and the logistics behind self-publishing are just too overwhelming to even consider. Sounds familiar?

My initial thoughts for what later became my first book, were merely emails to friends. I never expected my thoughts would become a published book, let alone a bestselling book. Yet both of these things happened. And when you have a system, the process is much easier than most will try to make you believe.

That initial book, about travel hacking, ended up a number one Amazon bestseller. Following a proven formula, my second book became a number one hot release and Amazon bestseller. What’s the secret? By now I’ve written and published nearly one million words during the last four booming years of the indie author revolution. Through strategic planning and relentless execution, I’ve turned my art into a logical, sustainable business that has helped and nurtured thousands of independent authors in 110+ countries around the world

Everyone has a book inside of them. A story to share. Something important enough to not keep with you forever. Leave your legacy – write your book and get it published. You’ve probably always dreamed of writing a book “one day” but don’t know where to start. You’ve come to the right place. Learn the system to shape the story you want to tell into a book that readers can’t wait to buy. Let’s get started. Finally finish your book and become known as the expert in your field.

Write a Book in a Week
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