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How Long Until Your Book Becomes A Bestseller? How Long Until Your Book Becomes A Bestseller?
Good books aren't written, they're structured in a certain way that helps them become a success. The same applies to authors. Becoming a "bestseller"... How Long Until Your Book Becomes A Bestseller?

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How long is it going to take until your book becomes a bestseller? In my book writing program I steam budding authors ready to help them become the next bestselling author. Good books aren’t written, they’re structured in a certain way that helps them become a success. The same applies to authors. Becoming a “bestseller” usually doesn’t happen by mistake or out of sheer luck. It takes work, careful planning, and some targeted efforts to attract the right buyers for your work to help you get to the desired status of “bestselling author”. But, I’m impatient by nature, so how long does it take?

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Many people ask me how long is this process of becoming a bestseller going to take? It sounds like a hell of a lot of work. The short answer: I believe you can see results within about 30 days after publication. I didn’t move that fast. Within about 3 months after it got published in 2014, my travel hacking book ended up on the bestseller list. It didn’t enter on number 1 right away – I started at number 32 at the time. Which to me already was fantastic. With thousands of new books published every single day, being in number 32 of all of that was a pretty great accomplishment and something I was very happy with. That took me a couple of months.

All of this becomes easier (and faster) if you have a system. I teach my system in my book writing program, Write a Book in a Week. You can request a free preview lesson today. The program is highly recommended for new and existing authors alike.

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