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So you wrote a book… now what? So you wrote a book… now what?
A dear friend and participant in the publishing module of my Write a Book in a Week course shared an exciting update on Facebook... So you wrote a book… now what?

A dear friend and participant in the publishing module of my Write a Book in a Week course shared an exciting update on Facebook this week: her book had finally arrived on her doorstep.

stillaliveI’m still alive, now what” is Donna Kater’s story about surviving (and thriving) after a life-changing, often traumatizing event. Donna’s book provides a guiding hand, inviting her readers to getting their lives back on track.

Her post on Facebook this week got me thinking about the next step after writing a book. From personal experience I can definitely confirm that receiving that first copy (or box of copies) of your very own print book is a very exciting moment – one of those milestones to celebrate along the way.

On a side note – Being able to hold a print book of your own is one of the main reason I never wanted to do “just” eBooks. Sure, they’re easier to “ship” to customers, but ebook authors are missing out on some real magical moments.

But either way, holding a book is not the final destination of the author journey by any means. As I tell participants of my program all the time – writing the book and finding a publishing home for it are the easy part. That’s why I titled my program Write a book in a week – if you’re willing to commit to it, the writing part can be done in well under a single week. If you’re curious to learn how check out the program here.

Before you start writing there’s important planning work to make sure that what you’re writing has the potential of becoming a successful bestseller. Those two steps encompass the first two modules of my writing course. The next module is about finding a publishing home for your book, which requires persistence and dedication, but, again, if you’re willing to do the work and follow the steps in my program you’ll have to believe it will happen. If I can do it, anyone can.

But then the books show up on your doorstep. An exciting moment, but not by any means the final destination of your author journey. This is when the real fun begins. Despite the excitement of being able to hold your own book, sharing the pictures on Facebook and getting lots of happy messages and “likes” from friends and family (and maybe even a book sale or two) the question arises: now what? Even the traditional publishing companies rely on your network to be able to generate a lot of book sales so they’ll at least break even in their cost. They’ll usually do some marketing work for you, but that’s the cherry on the cake – not the foundation. Or, if you went with one of the popular self-publishing methods (not my preference) you now have a garage or basement full of books and might feel even more pressure to sell as many books as you can to reclaim your space.

For most authors the novelty of the initial excitement will start to wear off after a few days, when they’re coming back to the reality and the imminent question on what the next chapter will entail for their book. They’ve created something – with the right planning and foundation in place the book will now start to live a life of it’s own. That’s where the third module of my book writing class comes in. It’ll help you generate an income from your book now it’s there, and get rid of as many copies as possible. You might even attain the title of number one international best selling author – and I’ll show you the steps I’ve followed myself to get there not only once but several times in a row now.

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