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The dangers of the entitlement mindset for budding authors The dangers of the entitlement mindset for budding authors
This post is an example of the content I share every Friday in my Living by Experience Magazine. If you’d like your free copy,... The dangers of the entitlement mindset for budding authors

This post is an example of the content I share every Friday in my Living by Experience Magazine. If you’d like your free copy, just click here.

The entitlement mindset is possibly one of the largest roadblocks that can hold you back from success in all areas of life. Unfortunately many budding authors have this mindset. And it’s robbing them from the possible chance achieving actual success from their book writing journey. So what on earth is this mindset? And what does it have to do with writing books? Let’s have a closer look…

A while back I launched my Write a Book in a Week program. This is an online learning experience where I teach people the exact system that I use for writing a book, finding a publishing home for it and eventually making it a bestseller. I take them by the hand and show them exactly how I do it for my own books, which have become number one bestsellers on Amazon. I’m quite a perfectionist, and turning my experiences into a program to teach my methods to others took me longer than I expected. It also costed me quite a few dollars to set it up in an online format and get it going. And then something funny happened…

Just after the launch I got an email from someone saying something like “I’m not in the habit of paying to join websites”. Now that’s fine with me. I didn’t expect everyone on my Facebook friends list to join. But it did raise some questions. Why does someone think they should gain access to my course material for free? Why does anyone expect me to give them my writing methods that took many years to develop, for free? Why does he think he is entitled to this high-quality information (that’s proven to work) for free?

The answer to these questions is simple. It’s the entitlement mindset! People expect something for nothing. They wants to get something of value without giving something of value in return. In my Wealthy Artist e-book I share that artists tend to undervalue their own work, just like most entrepreneurs these days. A “poor” mentality dominates the marketplace, instead of a “wealth” mentality. A proper exchange of value will not only ensure the entrepreneur (or artist) will stay in business, it will also increase the appreciation the client has for what he received. Often the exchange is monetary, but it doesn’t have to be. I often traded copies of my Freedom Project books in exchange for something the other business was offering. As long as it’s a win-win-win situation where everybody benefits, the value exchange can be anything – but it does need to be there.

The entitlement mindset is a very dangerous attitude to have. I would go as far as to say that any budding author who has an entitlement mindset, will probably never even finish their book or see it published. You will need to do the work to get where you want to be.

With the plethora of good (and bad) information available on the internet, you can try to get by with free information. Ironically, you still “pay” for free information by spending countless hours looking for reliable sources! Some of the authors who have been my mentors, have invested large amounts of money to learn their craft. They buy books, attend courses and seminars that they think will help them learn.

If you were dying, would you be willing to get heart surgery from doctors who had educated themselves with free information available online? It’s a bit of a silly example. No one in his or her right mind would do this since it’s a matter of life and death. But isn’t your author journey and career or business advancement really important too? And wouldn’t inaccurate information, written by people who don’t have the right background themselves, slow down your progress? It’s worth thinking about.

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