The quality of a book written in a week

Lately I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the quality of a book that’s written in a week. Obviously it can’t be possible to write an entire book in such a short amount of time. The quality simply has to be horrible. And where is the time for research? Fact checking? Editing? The list goes on.

They’re all valid questions. Before I answer them, I looked at where the questions were coming from – and made an interesting discovery. Without exception they were originating from more or less established authors in the traditional sense of the word. People who had already written one, or more, books – and had those published through a traditional publishing house. It had taken them all years to do the things they were inquiring about: research, writing, editing, and finding a publishing home. Out of self respect, and quite possibly for self-justification, they just had to ask those questions. I don’t blame them.

There’s nothing wrong with the traditional model at all. As a matter of fact, it’s one of the options I teach my author community. However, using my own Freedom Project book series as a guinea pig to develop my write a book in a week system, I have to conclude there is a better way to get a book down on paper. That doesn’t mean you have to write your book in one entire week. It’s not a must. The point of my class is to teach you a proven system that allows you to write an entire book in well under one single week. If you’re more comfortable applying that model to two weeks, a month, a year, or a decade – be my guest. It’s like driving a Porsche – you probably won’t go at top speed all the time, but knowing you can is what makes it the experience so much fun. Once you know the formula the power is yours, literally to do with as you please.

Questions like I get from traditional authors all the time are exactly the reason I developed my program. It’s those limiting beliefs and ideas about being an author and writing a book that keep many people from ever embarking on their author journey. If you’ve already written a book you don’t necessarily need my system anymore – unless you’re interested to create the next one faster and more efficiently. If not,

you might still benefit from a separate module of my class to focus on publishing or selling only. Maybe together we can dust off your years of research and help your beloved project you’ve invested so much time in become a bestseller after all.

I believe everyone has a book inside of them. My program will help you bring that idea out and guide you to write it down on paper. Nothing is as intimidating as that first blank page. Once you make it past the first page, the first chapter, and beyond you’re well on your way to completing your book. Even if you won’t become the next Shakespeare, holding your very own book in your hand is an unrealized dream of many – which it doesn’t have to be anymore. I’d be happy to show you how. 

Write a Book in a Week
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