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Three practical ideas to promote your e-book Three practical ideas to promote your e-book
A good friend of mine shared his e-book with me the other day, and asked me if I could help promote his book for... Three practical ideas to promote your e-book

A good friend of mine shared his e-book with me the other day, and asked me if I could help promote his book for him. I’m always happy to help, so in this post I’m going to share three simple ideas to help you promote your e-book.

First of all, getting featured on somebody else’s blog is great, however to really take control it’s imperative that authors build a following and platform of their own. Even traditional publishers these days are hesitant to work with new authors who have not yet developed their own platform. To be blunt: until you start building a following of your own you won’t have much success in the publishing world.

Here’s three practical ideas to get started, ranging from having no budget to being more serious about your career as a published author.

We’ll Tweet your book

I love promoting books and helping fellow authors. Just send a Tweet about your book with the hashtag #wowbooks – we’ll retweet across our platform and share it. No cost.

Build your own following

I’ve used a “secret recipe” to become a social media influencer, and you can too. What I’ve used for years is now available through my social media masterclass. This course helps you build a platform and following of your own. This takes time and is by no means an overnight success story. The “secret recipe” however is simple: sharing content frequently and consistently. You will start to gain followers, and eventually those translate in (book) sales. I have seen accounts go from virtually no followers to thousands in a few weeks. Setting up your account is free of charge, but there is a small fee to activate your Tweets.

Social Media Masterclass


Go paperback (and never look back)

In addition to your e-book, consider going to a print book – having your book available in print builds trust. I’m not a huge fan of e-books…. anyone can publish one and if it’s not good enough for paper people generally don’t believe it’s good at all. Check out my author program at If you already have a published e-book the second module might be all you need.

Write a Book in a Week

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