Turn Your Passion For Words Into A Freelance Writing Career

A beach in Hawaii. A coffee shop in South America. A city in Europe. The East Coast of Canada. What do these locations have in common? In each of these and in many other remote places, I know of writers who are freelancing with a fair degree of success.

This time I’m not talking about writing books. If you have a quick look at the writing category of my blog, you’ll discover that content is king! I share content about all the things I’m passionate about all the time. Between my books, magazine and articles I’ve built a career out of sharing writing. As the editor of the Living by Experience magazine, my newsletter is shared all around the world. I wrote most of my Happiness book onboard planes. The final draft of that book came together in an oceanside cottage in Eastern Canada.

With Calgary’s economy in a downturn (and many other cities with it), I’ve met many people who are looking to generate additional income, on their own. In my Happiness book I talk about disconnecting the money, time and location triangle. Freelance writing is a job you can do from anywhere. If your home is near New York’s editorial offices you may be able to use your location to some advantage. But many writers (authors and freelancers alike) work from more distant locations. Often they’re enjoying a better lifestyle in the places where they live. They can write and share firsthand about the place they live, the people and the culture. Even better, their living costs are often less expensive than for writers in major cities. And if that is not enough, how about fresh, clean air?

Being removed from my usual surrounding, I find it easier to write while I’m away. Many of my clients don’t know if or when I’m ‘out of office’. It’s easy to stay in touch where needed, as well as write and send out my weekly newsletter. But it gets better. While I’m away travelling, my websites continue to work 24/7. Even when I’m enjoying a cup of coffee at thirty thousand feet, my sites are selling a my books and courses.

If you’re looking for a career, or “sidehustle”, you can do from anywhere, consider writing. Get started today with my beginner class on freelance writing. Download it now. Then, open up your notebook. Start writing. You can begin to build a rewarding career as a freelance writer today.

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