Working On What Matters Most: Is It Time To Write Your Book?

My initial thoughts for what later became my first published book were merely emails to friends. I never expected my thoughts would become a published book, let alone a bestselling book. Yet both of these things happened. When you have a system, the process of writing a book is much easier than most will try to make you believe.

I wrote my first book about travel hacking in 2014, which ended up the number one Amazon bestseller a few months after publication. Following a proven formula, my second book became a number one hot release and Amazon bestseller as well. The third one did the same. “How (the hell) do you do it”, people asked me.

How (the hell) do you do it?

I have written and published nearly one million words during the last booming years of the indie author revolution. Through strategic planning and relentless execution, I’ve turned my writing into a logical, sustainable business that has helped and nurtured thousands of independent authors and business owners in 100+ countries around the world. I’m an author myself, but also a serial entrepreneur who understands how to shape the stories you want to tell into the books that your readers can’t wait to buy.

When I work with my clients and students, the goal is always to work only on what’s most important now. The objective is to be productive in doing meaningful work. I’ve written before about the glorification of “busyness” – what I teach today in my programs is just about the opposite of that.

Increasing your impact

What are you going to work on that’s most important to you in achieving your life, business, and career goals?

Maybe it’s to finally get started on your book? I believe everyone has a book inside of them. Most people never get started on that first page. I challenge you to use your time effectively and (finally) start on your book dream. Sharing your story has the potential to benefit others.

In the introduction video of my book writing program, we’ll put together the framework for your book using my 7 step system, and get a better understanding of each of the seven topics below:

  • Your book’s working title
  • Your passion and purpose for your book
  • The core message you are going to share
  • Who you write your message for
  • The core value they will get from it
  • Set your publication date
  • Use the write a book system

The goal of my author program isn’t just to get your book out there. Instead, we’ll work on becoming an authorpreneur, and leveraging your book as a marketing instrument to help you and others achieve the goals in their life.

I would love to share the preview on work on the 7 step framework with you. Just click the button below to get started.

Write a Book in a Week Preview

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