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Write Your Book Before Later Becomes Never Write Your Book Before Later Becomes Never
Writing a book is a dream of many but unfortunately not enough people pursue their passions. Even the ones that do try often don't... Write Your Book Before Later Becomes Never

Today I want to talk a bit more about writing a book. As you know I made a course called write a book in a week. The course shows how anyone can write a book. It’s a dream of many but unfortunately not enough people pursue their passions. Even the ones that do try often don’t finish the book project they started. Almost every author or writer on Twitter today was complaining about writers block. They’re all collectively stuck on a project they don’t know how to finish.

Writers Block

The good news? Writers block does not exist. All you need is a system. Good books aren’t written, they’re structured in a way that make them a success. I teach my system in my book writing program. I also show how you can find a publishing home for your book. Self-publishing is not all that it’s believed to be. It’s a nice way of saying you’ll end up with a basement or garage full of books. Not what I intended to do with my space. Besides, selling books is hard work. Shipping them is even more expensive and requires heavy lifting. Not what I’m interested in either. There is a much better way.

Two Bestsellers. And Counting

Without being all that interested in selling the book myself, I wrote two bestsellers. And counting. I turned my books into additional income streams. A lot of people have asked me how I did that, and my answer is my life-changing author course. I wrapped all my experience with the publishing industry in step-by-step model. My course helps anyone who wants to become an author write their book. Today I’m working with more than 4,000 people in over 110 countries around the world that participate in one or more of my classes. They learn from everything that I share and implement the benefits into their lives every day. I’m super excited and grateful to have so many people benefit from the content that I’ve created. Seeing authors reap the rewards of their work in turn is rewarding for me. Thank you everyone!

Why would you write a book?

I believe that you already know why you would write a write book. If you’ve read this far, something inside you tells you whether you should write a book or not. Maybe this is not for you. Maybe you’ll never write your book. That’s fine too. It’s your life, your dream. All I ask is that if you have that desire somewhere deep down, don’t ignore it. If writing a book is that unachieved bucket list item I invite you to get started today. If you don’t start today then it’ll never happen. A goal without an action plan is just a dream. If you keep postponing and delaying working through your bucket list items then it’ll never happen. We’re all on borrowed time on this planet. The only moment we know that we will truly have is now. If there’s something (anything) you truly wanted to do why not do it today. If that’s true for you on some level I would love to help you and have you on board in my program.

I’ve Said This Before: I’m Not A Guru

Contrary to what the many gurus out there proclaim, my program is not the only way to write a book. You don’t need to work with me, but there is the opportunity if you want to. If you want to write a book there’s a thousand and one ways to get that done. I did it myself. I figured out everything myself. I figured out how to write it, how to find a publisher and eventually how to sell my book. The catch? It took me a lot more time than the week it’ll take when you follow my program. The experience I gained doing everything myself is nicely wrapped up in a package called Write a Book in a Week. There’s a huge benefit for you to have a look at that content for yourself. See if it could help you, and then decide. While you’re not required to work with me to write your book, I would love to have you on board of this program. See if it could benefit you. If you have that desire to write your book – go for it.

The First Step

It’s about taking that first step to get you to where you want to be in life. When I first started writing some of my travel thoughts down I never thought that that would turn into a real book. I was just sharing some thoughts with a friend about how I book and organize my travel. Those scribbles turned into a real paperback book. My publisher came around and said they’d turn those thoughts into a book. I never thought that would happen. I still remember getting that first copy of my book delivered. That moment put a huge “completed” check mark beside my bucket list item of becoming a published author. Just like you, I had always wanted to write a book. I never knew how it would happen. When that book ultimately became a number one bestseller you can imagine my surprise. Moreover, I was super excited that so many people have benefited from the travel ideas that I share in that book.

See For Yourself

If you’re curious about my program at all please go to Have a look for yourself. The curriculum of the entire program is outlined on that page. It will tell you everything that you’ll learn. But please don’t stay on the outside. Have a look inside the program. That’s where you’ll see how the program is going to work for you. So what do you think? Let’s give this a try? Because if not today… when?

Write a Book in a Week


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