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You deserve to do what you love You deserve to do what you love
Did you ever wake up one morning way before the alarm went off just because you were going to do something you just couldn’t... You deserve to do what you love

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Did you ever wake up one morning way before the alarm went off just because you were going to do something you just couldn’t wait to do? What was it? You deserve to do what you love! In fact it’s exactly what you’re supposed to be doing.

To figure out what that means, let’s start with the obvious:

  1. What would you do if you were independently wealthy and no longer had to do anything to earn money?
  2. What do you enjoy doing so much that you would do it everyday for free?

These questions are not always easy to answer. After all, you might not be independently wealthy and can’t afford to work for free. But please… allow yourself the opportunity to dream.

If you get stuck on how to make money with your passion first, you might never figure out what that passion is to begin with. Go back to question #2: what are you doing today for free, that you love to do? Listen to your heart, not what you think others expect of you.

Plan the time in your life to do more of what you enjoy doing. Put it on your day planner if you have to. If you love to travel, plan for it. Study the places you want to go. Read about the hotels and the sights. Envision yourself doing those things. Plan day trips around where you live find the unusual things in your neighborhood. Get guide books on your state or province and become an expert at finding the places that interest you. If you’re strapped for cash: practice traveling in your back yard, simply take a picnic in the park first. Do It!

Now let’s get to the money part. Even if you never earn a penny from your passion, you’re spending at least some of your time doing what you love. However, if you become knowledgeable in a particular area that you love, you can learn more about it and become better over time. You start to develop value in that area. How do you market that value? You could write a book to get published, build a website, share what you’re learning with others when you have the opportunity, teach it at an adult learning center, write articles to submit on the internet… the opportunities are endless. Good information today is like gold, it has great value and there are people everywhere looking for your expertise and passion. And just imagine how much joy you will get out of sharing what you love with others. And when you stick to it, people who have pursued their passion start to make close to what they made in their old unfulfilling jobs – often even more.

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