Hesitation or Motivation? Start and Grow Your Side Hustle

In the last few months, I’ve spoken with a lot of amazing people who want to start something of their own, and work on what matters most, especially now. Some of them wanted to develop a new business idea (aka side hustle). They wanted to learn how to think like an entrepreneur. But before getting started, most of them hesitated. How do you set things up the right way from the start to prevent headaches later on?

All of those intentions are great. Eventually, motivation will win it from the hesitation if your dissatisfaction is large enough. But ultimately, all entrepreneurial intentions aside, the “hustle” is overrated.

The hustle is overrated.

I don’t like to use the word “side hustle”: when you’re setting things up the right way from the start your business can grow without needing to “hustle”. If you want to start something on the side and add new options to your life, let’s do it right. Below, you’ll find six different areas to focus on before starting your side business.

Your 6 Side Hustle Foundations

Don’t overthink these six areas, but don’t ignore them either. I recommend each “wannabe” entrepreneur to spend a few minutes writing down some thoughts on each of the areas below. Your thoughts and notes will help you take the next steps of your entrepreneurial journey in a more decisive way.

  • Your Business Idea

    Develop your business idea. Focus on being of service: how can you help? And, what problem are you intending to solve?

  • Mindset

    How to think like an entrepreneur, and create money-generating activities out of your ideas.

  • Money

    Let’s be honest about the money question and keep your business financially healthy from day one.

  • Your Processes

    Set your business processes up for success and growth, as this will make future maintenance and scalability easier.

  • Your Experience

    Discover creative ways to market your experience and create additional income streams. You could consider writing a book, or teaching an online class based on your expertise.

  • Your Digital Brand

    Once you have some of the answers to the topics above, start working on your digital brand. Set up your online platform to market and attract organically using the latest technologies available. Maybe you’ll want to start a blog, or simply build a website as a digital home for your new venture.


Starting On The Right Foot

To help with that process, I decided to combine “the best of” my most popular online learning programs. The additional “homework” and new curriculum will help budding entrepreneurs start their business and add something new to their life.

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Inside this program, you’ll find the very best content from several of my entrepreneurial courses. You’ll learn about a variety of topics, each designed to help you start and grow your business or side hustle:

  • Proven principles for growth to set yourself aside from the competition.
  • Developing the right entrepreneurial habits and thinking patterns to set you up for success.
  • Building and authentically sharing your story, focusing on organic audience reach and expansion.
  • Using systems to create consistency in your company and creating a scalable model for growth.
  • Finding new ways to sell your knowledge and professional experience.
  • Building your online empire and digital brand.

Hesitation or Motivation?

So the real question becomes: Are you picking hesitation or motivation? What are you going to work on that’s most important to you in achieving your life, business and career goals? Build your action plan to survive and thrive through this economic crisis. Use the isolation as an opportunity to do something different and in addition to what you’re doing today. We may not be able to travel just yet, but being safe at home in isolation of quarantine is the perfect time to work on one of your most important life goals.

Let’s get into action and get started on expanding, developing and building your business idea using our proven systems.

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