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I’m Tired Of Being Told What To Do I’m Tired Of Being Told What To Do
As creative entrepreneurs, we’re constantly being told by coaches and other self-proclaimed “gurus” on the internet that there are so many things we must... I’m Tired Of Being Told What To Do

As creative entrepreneurs, we’re constantly being told by coaches and other self-proclaimed “gurus” on the internet that there are so many things we must do in order to achieve success. The list never ends. That’s both lists of things to do, as well as lists of fake gurus on Facebook with invalidated claims to their 15 minutes of fame.

It’ll Never Work (for you)

Even if they were right, they’re selling us a step-by-step shortcut to “success” that worked for them – but unfortunately, most likely, won’t work for you. Sorry to burst the bubble. Read their fine-print, if you don’t believe me: “The average person gets little to no results“. We’re all on our own path, our own journey, through life – and the only objective is to become more you.

Especially in these times, I’m beyond tired of being yelled by so-called successful people who constantly tell me what to do. This video sums it up:

I’m grateful for the many mentors, teachers and coaches I’ve enjoyed working with in my career. I’ve learned so much from each of them, but the goal was never to replicate what they had done but to carve out my own path, and (no offence), attempt to do better than they did, eventually. The true testament to any “system” is whether it allows anyone to do better than the guy (or gal) teaching the program or system. That’s true abundance.

Do Nothing For A While

Less than a month ago I said I’d love to just be isolated and do nothing for a while. I had burned myself out, once again. I much desired to sit on a beach somewhere, but in land-locked Alberta, there’s not a lot of those. Besides, thanks to the Covid19 pandemic, boarding a plane somewhere exotic had become somewhat tricky – not to say impossible.

Be careful what you wish for. No one thought it was possible, but the global economy came to a grinding halt. Every restaurant, gym, and hotel I frequented and considered familiar in my life were closed. Even the ones that treated me nicely and upgraded me all the time… and what did I do? I added to my to-do list. Given my video above, you’d think I knew better. But no, I worked harder than ever before. Working as an online trainer in the business coaching industry I tried helping and reaching more people.

A Global Time-Out

Mother universe has placed us all in time-out: sent us to our rooms, until we can play nice with others again. I’m not sure I even wanted to anymore. As a natural introvert, this whole social-distancing principle is one I had been wanting to practice for a while. I’ll probably keep it around for a while, albeit for personal safety only.

Meanwhile, admitted, webinars work better today than they used to. For the time being, I’m continuing to host daily webinar training events to offer free education to everyone who’s interested in doing something different.

A Different Approach

As creative entrepreneurs, they tell us we have to do so much: webinars, blogs, websites, social media ads, it never ends. I’ve enjoyed doing some – if not all – of these things at times, and through the work I do with and for my clients, I share what works (and what doesn’t).

Stop wasting money on stuff that doesn’t work. Take the fast track to structurally improve your online presence and develop the essential skills to turn your personal brand into your own legend. Thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners are using something that’s working very well right now for anyone looking to add a little “magic” to their branding and marketing message. But don’t worry, this is not another get-rich-quick-scheme. Overnight results don’t exist. But if you’re willing to do a little work… Click the link for a complimentary preview of my growth hacking course.

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