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Why Patience Is A Virtue When Building Any Business Why Patience Is A Virtue When Building Any Business
Are you a patient person? When you set a goal, do you stick with it and see it through to the end? I may... Why Patience Is A Virtue When Building Any Business

Are you a patient person? When you set a goal, do you stick with it and see it through to the end? I may be persistent, but I’m certainly not patient by nature. If I don’t see results grow over time, I get bored and start looking to change things up and add something new to the mix.

Patience is a virtue – but don’t be too patient. Don’t use patience as an excuse to be lazy or give up too soon. The right level of patience will help you build momentum over time and move forward to your goals. Without a system to follow, impatience can hold you back from becoming the successful business owner you are destined to be. And who wants to be held back?

When you want results, you have to do the work. There are no shortcuts to success. Both too much patience as well as impatience drive me crazy when I see small business owners not enjoying their “lifestyle of business”. In working as an business advisor and educator, I see this all the time while working with my clients.

So let’s add some balance and find a middle ground that works well to maximize both your patience and the kind of results you’re getting from the work you’re putting in. When done right, you can have both. To get started, here’s five tips to help you find the right level of patience in building your business.

Complete what you start

Successful people finish their projects. Too many business owners fail in achieving their business goals simply because they didn’t give it enough time. They gave up too soon. You need to complete what you start. Impatient people don’t complete what they start and never see their most important business goals manifest in real life. In business you need to finish each of your goals. Completed goals bring you a great sense of success and achievement.

Stop and listen

Successful people listen. This is not about stopping to smell the roses. As a business owner, build your business so that you’re working amongst the roses. When you start building momentum, take a break to stop and listen. What feedback are you getting? How are people responding to what you’re doing? Impatient people can get so busy they don’t notice what other people are saying. In business you need to hear what these people are saying, not just about you but also around you. Notice what’s going on. Dare to dream bigger and leverage ideas from the feedback to achieve a more powerful outcome.

Have a system

Successful people plan. If you want to get the best return on your work, you will need to focus on the right activities. I love it when a plan comes together. It’s not just about being busy and tackling your lengthy todo list every day. “Busy” in business is spelled with an “I”, not with a “Y”. So if you’re too busy in your business and don’t have enough time, do something different. You need a plan to achieve your goals.

Follow a system with steps that you can implement as you go along. And then, see it through to the end. Impatient people often just jump in and get started right away. Part way through the project they find too many problems they hadn’t anticipated. It’s easier (and more fun!) to complete a project when you plan out what to do beforehand as much as possible. By celebrating the victories along the way, you can enjoy yourself more when you make and execute your plans. Success is feeling joy.

Don’t go at it alone

Successful people surround themselves with others. Build your tribe and find people you can learn from. Thanks to social media, it’s easier than ever before to follow and learn from anyone you admire. Spend time with them. Buy their books, attend their workshops and classes, follow what they’re doing.

Impatient people don’t stop to ask others what they have found out about similar projects. They often make decisions without learning the system first . Success leaves a trail, and there’s no need to reinvent the wheel on your own. Why would you? Someone has already achieved what you’re looking to do. Learn from them to your benefit. It’s not about mimicking others, but about carving out your own path. Achievements from others is the guideline to follow as you grow and develop your own business.

Give back

Successful people share what they’ve learned. Once you start to figure out what works for you and overcome the expected and unexpected hurdles, it’s your turn to share. This is about giving back and being a teacher to others who are on a similar journey as you. This is not about sharing what you’re going through right now. You may get some empathy that way, but it won’t do anyone much good. This is about sharing something you’ve successfully overcome. Everyone has a story in their life that when shared, can be of benefit to others.

As an added bonus, sharing your story and ideas with the people around you, also helps you more than you think. It motivates people to make suggestions and provide you with more feedback and support. Building a business can be a lonely journey and no business owner can achieve success on their own. Surround yourself with the right group of people and start building your tribe from day one.

Giving back can also be more literal. Sending kids to school and buying bicycles for deserving entrepreneurs in developing countries continues to be one of my favourite things to do as part of my online training business. Thanks to everyone for helping to make this happen simply by signing up for one or more of my programs.

More tips for becoming a successful small business owner can be found right here on my blog. If you’re ready to dive deeper, check out my online learning programs for entrepreneurs at Liberty Training Academy.

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