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Changing Your Life – One Day At A Time Changing Your Life – One Day At A Time
Changing your life and day-to-day reality can be challenging and not an overnight process. But getting started may be easier than you thought. Being... Changing Your Life – One Day At A Time

Changing your life and day-to-day reality can be challenging and not an overnight process. But getting started may be easier than you thought. Being persistent and making small pivots can over time, lead to big changes. It starts with the right mindset and a decision to get started.

To get in the right mindset, I like to reflect on motivational and inspirational quotes, like the ones I share in my MountainQuotes book. It helps to change our thought patterns over time. Different thoughts will lead to different behaviours and actions. Ultimately, taking action is what can change our lives.

Here’s how it works. If we believe something to be easy, we find little, if any struggle, in accomplishing it. On the other hand, if we imagine something to be difficult to achieve, then the struggle becomes real. It’s all in the way you think about your reality. If we imagine that something is difficult to change, we will always find experiences that will justify that belief.

Why most diets fail

Take losing weight for example. What if we woke up next week Monday morning, and told ourselves: “This is the day I start losing weight. When things get difficult, I will not run to the fridge for junk food. Instead, I will focus on something else to keep my mind occupied. It’ll be tough at first, but I’m going to give it a try.”

If you continue down this path, you’ll find yourself struggling on your weight loss journey more often than not. Why?

If we look at the through pattern a few things jump out. While you have decided to do something good for yourself, which is positive, most of the reasoning is structured in a negative way.

It started with, “When things get difficult….” (this already assumes that it will be difficult.)

“It’ll be tough at first…” (this again assumes it will be difficult at first.)

“…but I’m going to give it a try.” (remember the adage, ”There is no try, there is only do.)

There are many products and programs available that will assist with a weight loss journey. Most of them don’t work, or do they?  Most may work for different people at different stages of their life. For most people who hold on to the belief that losing weight is difficult, these products will deliver just that: difficulty losing weight. Our thought patterns are more powerful than the desire to change.

Add something good

Instead of focusing on the negative, success can be achieved easier by concentrating on adding something good (instead of removing something bad).

To help with that process, I often end up trying new things: testing different approaches, and keeping what sticks. It’s the motto of this Living by Experience magazine. To add some structure, I set a daily intention every morning. This decides what I want to focus on for that day to help me stay on track towards accomplishing my goal. It doesn’t matter whether it’s weight loss, business success, or any area of life. Start with just one a day, keep it simple.

To stay on track, the intention needs to be in relation to the change you want to achieve. To challenge my thought patterns, I use motivational and inspirational quotes that somehow resonate with me. If the quote resonates with me, I like to think that somehow I needed to hear that message today. It’s those quotes that are powerful enough to change my thought patterns. Quotes that made me pause and think for a moment.

My inspirational shortlist

Over the years, I found hundreds of quotes for my books and articles. At different times, they spoke about what I wanted to accomplish in different ways. Many famous people, dead and alive, have helped me work towards my goal this way.

I wrote the most powerful ones down in my MountainQuotes book. I have the little book with me constantly, usually just beside my laptop for when I need a little pick-me-up. I find it much more beneficial than snacking on food, even if it’s healthy food. Often I’m not really hungry, but just bored and need to feed my mind something different to think about. For a few minutes I focus on these powerful words to help me focus on what I had set as my intention for the day.

I hate positive thinking

Let me clarify that: I hate positive thinking for the sake of positive thinking. It’s what I call the gratitude trap. You need the contrast sometimes to know what you really want achieve in life. You cannot just think your way out of anything, you’ll have to act your way out of it. Accomplishing your goals may start with thinking in a different way, it involves more than just thinking alone.

In short, here is the three step process:

1. Decide to change your mindset about the area of your life you’d like to change

The first step to what you want to accomplish is changing your mind and the thought patterns and beliefs associated with your behavior.

2. Choose a daily intention to focus on achieving your goal for a period of time.

Be patient, give it some time. Most companies offer a 30-day money back guarantee because they know that after you do something for 30 days it becomes a habit and you no longer need to return the item. Give it time.

3. Add something good for yourself and stick with it.

To get started, you can find a minimum of three motivational or inspirational quotes that resonate with you to help shift your thinking and actions. My MountainQuotes book has plenty of them to pick from.

It’s helped me and I hope this inspires and motivates you to achieve your goal.

Stay positive and do something new.

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