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How to develop your own personal mission statement How to develop your own personal mission statement
Your personal development and motivation are both the keys to a successful, and happy life. If you want to feel fulfilled you’ll need to get... How to develop your own personal mission statement

Your personal development and motivation are both the keys to a successful, and happy life. If you want to feel fulfilled you’ll need to get clarity on what makes you tick. Have you ever asked yourself that question? How can you meet your goals (and exceed them) using the power of a personal mission statement – by leveraging the power of intention, having a mission statement will almost automatically bring you closer to your goals.

Almost every business has a mission statement. They are a great way to make it known to yourself and others just where you want to be, and what your goals really are. When you are clear about your goals you can be constantly working towards them. Many people go through life on auto pilot without a clear direction, and wonder why they never achieve their goals and dreams. If you are sick and tired of being the kind of person who simply lets things happen to them then a mission statement is for you. Anyone can benefit from a mission statement. If you want to get where you are going you can start writing yours today.

Your personal mission statement is not about getting what you want out of work or the people around you, it is about being of service: giving back to the world and your loved ones. Your mission statement will help you to find your place in the world, and what you can be doing for those around you. Take your time writing it, making being of service to others your main focus. Your statement has the power to change your entire life for the better by giving it direction. As soon as you commit to start writing it you are going to begin to grow and evolve in ways that you ever thought that you could.

Ready to get started?

All you need is a pen and a piece of paper. Sit down and write about the person that you are today. Do you like yourself, do you like your life? Do you think that there are areas in your life that you could improve? Write about it in a positive way. If you were living the life of your dreams, what would it look like? How would you change the different areas of your life for the better? Focus on your strengths and your abilities. Write how you want to change and in what areas of your life, as well as about the goals that you want to see yourself meet over time. This may take some time, but I challenge you to be honest for yourself and design the life of your dreams.

What’s next?

When I first starting thinking about my mission statement, it became obvious the things I was most passionate about sharing could become a book. That book eventually became a number one international bestseller, something I never even thought was possible. All it took was to get started and take that first step… if you think a book might be in your future, please join me at One of the interactive exercises I do with my students is to uncover their passion and develop a mission statement for their upcoming book. It’s always a fun process!

If you’re not sure whether writing a book is for you, why not get a copy of mine? My Happiness book shares a lot about following your passion and turning it into a mission statement for your life, business and career. Learn more at The Freedom Project books are also available on Amazon, as well as finer book retailers worldwide.

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