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Of course I want to do something extra for paying members. Most regular content will be continue to be available for free, but on this page I’ll include access to a few extra resources that people have asked me for over the years of doing this.

What you’ll find below

You can access your resources directly from the list on this page. Keep in mind this is a work in progress. The list gets updated regularly, so if you see something you like please take full advantage while you can.

  1. Access to all posts and the full archive

  2. Top business apps

  3. Free Book

  4. Preferred access

  5. Downloadable resource kits

  6. Text me directly


First of all: If you’re looking for something that’s not (yet) here, feel free to just ask me 📲 604-210-8668. Your messages go straight to my phone and I try to answer as many as possible so we can have a real conversation.

Yes, anyone can text me as I’m crazy enough to share my number publicly. As a paying member you’ll have priority access so I can support you with links and re…

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