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Back to school: what skills are you looking to add to your toolbox? Back to school: what skills are you looking to add to your toolbox?
Knowledge is the pie of life, the more I consume, the more I want. Wilko created several courses that are available online. Be sure... Back to school: what skills are you looking to add to your toolbox?

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Knowledge is the pie of life, the more I consume, the more I want. Often, I desire to gain more knowledge for the purpose of improving myself and what I have to offer the world. Other reasons I seek more knowledge is to be able to increase my chances of a more lucrative income, and to complete projects I have started but put aside because I didn’t have the time or resources to complete.

As many of you, I have a very busy work life and have difficulty finding time to enroll in extensive college courses. Additionally, highly priced tuition and lengthy commutes to campus deters me from investing in a better pie recipe (deeper knowledge).

I now have the opportunity to invest in a better knowledge base while continuing my career without having to reach deep into my pockets or seek out interest-laden student loans. I have discovered some courses that I can take online that are priced well within my means and will help me become better at what I do.

Wilko Van de Kamp, an award winning photographic artist, world traveler and author of the #1 international best seller “The Freedom Project” has created several courses that are available online. These courses have a scope of direct focus on key points that will serve to increase the knowledge I need without the drudgery of an exhaustive, encyclopedic college approach.

I love to write and need to be able to sell my services and products online while making a good profit. Wilko’s course “Make Money Writing- The Right Way”, will teach me how to create a writing portfolio, write more content more expediently, use new strategies to find new clients, and understand my own Unique Selling Proposition. I will get 14 lectures that will teach me how to make money from what I write. I am a novice writer but even a seasoned writer will benefit from this course by showing you ways you may not have considered for making money from your writing.

Make Money Writing


He also offers another great writing course, “Write a Book in a Week”. In this course I will be shown how to get that book that I’ve been mulling around in my head onto paper by figuring out my purpose for writing it. I will then be shown a proven technique for writing my entire book within 20 hours. Then I will find out how to navigate the publishing world through a step-by-step guide with several insights. Lastly, I’ll be able to sell my book and make a nice income with instructions given my Mr. Van de Kamp.

Write a Book in a Week


Another course is “Digital Photography Mastery”, a 7 week online journey to discover secret tips and techniques on how to be a professional photographer, start producing high quality pictures and skyrocket your photography skills today! You’re about to discover powerful strategies and methods to start taking sharp, clear and high quality pictures.

Digital Photography Mastery


One more course offered by Wilko Van de Kamp is “IT Service Management Basics”.  If you are finding that your customers are seeking better value through a more customer based focus, this course is for you. This course is perfect for beginners or as a refresher, and will give you tools and approaches that will improve your service management processes. You will learn ITSM best practice approaches that will foster sustainable results. Through 15 lectures, you will have a deeper understanding of the Service Delivery process and learn an approach that is practical, usable, and work well over time.

IT Service Management Basics


You and I will want to act fast to enroll in these affordable, proven successful courses. School days are fast approaching and will be back in session before we know it. “Seats” are filling up fast in these online based learning modules. Be sure to secure your piece of the intellectual pie soon so you do not end up going hungry for knowledge!

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