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Money Saving Tips For Travellers Money Saving Tips For Travellers
There’s a lot of world out there and we’re ready to see more of it again. Are you looking to start travelling again? Below... Money Saving Tips For Travellers

There’s a lot of world out there and we’re ready to see more of it again. Are you looking to start travelling again? Below you’ll find 7 different areas with various tips on saving money before, during and after your trip. I hope that these money tips will help you save some money while traveling and make your trip more enjoyable.

Travel Planning Tips

Start with thorough trip planning. Use free destination guides. Buy a guidebook, it will pay for itself within the first day of your trip. Do not forget to buy a travel insurance, it will provide you with peace of mind while on a trip and prevent you from becoming a bankrupt if something happens.

It is becoming a popular trend – to buy your holiday using a credit card. This option allows you to have an official record of your purchases/bookings. Some cards also provide an additional insurance to the holder. American Express lets you transfer your purchasing points to your frequent flier program account, and depending on which card you have, it automatically provides you with travel insurance sometimes even covering your rental car!

In order to save on your trip, travel with a partner(s). You can book a double hotel room for almost the same amount as a single one. By splitting accommodation and dining costs, taxis, car rental fees travelers in a group will save money.

The Best Time To Travel

For sightseeing try to travel off-season, usually October through April in the Northern hemisphere and April through October below the equator. You will be able to find cheaper airfare, find more budget rooms, spend less time in lines, and meet more local folks than tourists.

Learn Travel Hacking

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Finding Accommodation

Keep written records of all accommodations you reserved, and take them with you. Learn the cancellation policies. Usually late cancellations or no shows are charged one night stay. If you have to cancel, try to do it long in advance. Reconfirm all reservations two days in advance by phone. There’s nothing more annoying than ending up homeless on your vacation.

During summer and weekends year-round, you can get a fancy business hotel room at a cheap one-star hotel price.

Dining Tips

You can save a lot of money by buying food at a local grocery store. With a little creativity you can piece together an entire meal without the need for a kitchen or kitchenette.

Eat according to the season. Order and buy food that is in season where you travel, it will cut down your dining expenses.

Avoid touristy restaurants, instead eat where local people eat. There you will find better food for less money.

Try to adapt to local cuisine, combine learning the local dining traditions with good prices.

Avoid breakfasts at hotels, they are usually high-priced. There’s almost always a bakery or coffee shop right around the corner.

Every country has menu specials. Learn simple words and you can dine well with locals anywhere for under $20.

Local Transportation Tips

Save money by driving in groups. For four people it is generally cheaper to share a rental car than to buy a bus ticket or a rail pass to travel between cities. Avoid renting a car in a big city, it is less convenient than using public transit. Airports usually have cheap and regular public transit connections to the town center.

Carefully choose parking spots. Thieves recognize and target tourist cars.

learn your rail options. If you travel a lot, buy rail passes. Three rides generally cost more than a day pass.

In Europe budget airlines can often get you from one city to another faster and cheaper than the train. Beware though: budget airlines often use small airports located far from town, which can cost a extra time and money. You also are allowed less luggage on board for free.

Travel Money / Shopping Tips

Use your moneybelt to store the cash safely.

Students, families, and seniors should ask for special discounts.

Understand all fees and expenses. Ask to have all bills itemized. Do your own math when calculating the cost.

We wish you a successful and safe trip!


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