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Using And Understanding Your Passion For Travel Using And Understanding Your Passion For Travel
What’s your true passion? What would you do all day, just because you like doing it? For many years I’ve been overthinking my passion.... Using And Understanding Your Passion For Travel

What’s your true passion? What would you do all day, just because you like doing it? For many years I’ve been overthinking my passion. I thought it had to be something “noble”. I wanted to help others and be of service, so thought about the things I “had” to do to accomplish that. In my case, I ended up with things like writing, online teaching, and online marketing. It’s true. I love all those things. But none if them are my true passion.

The Things That Get In The Way

The one thing in life I’ve always done, regardless of my situation, income, time, or any other external circumstances is one thing: travel. I do it all the time – even when I have no time at all. I find ways of dealing with those things that get in the way of getting away, and go anyway. My true passion, you guessed it, is doing exactly that what I’m doing all the time anyway: travel.

We often do more for others than we’re willing to do for ourselves. That may sound noble but you’ll likely end up running on fumes sooner or later. I burned myself out more than once doing what I love. It took me a while to realize passions are often overlooked because they’re already ingrained into your life at a very foundational level. That applies even if you haven’t realized your passion yet. Being of value and being of service are overrated words that are thrown around a lot these days. Value is not where you start looking for your passion – you’ll only find it the other way around. Your mission is not about anyone else. It’s about you. And then helping others along with exactly that what you’re passionate about.

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Your Mission

“Your mission is not about anyone else.”

In a funny way, that analogy brings me right back to some of the things I enjoy doing most: writing, online teachingonline marketing, and the many other hats I wear. But something has shifted in the way I think about those things. Yes, I wear a lot of different hats. But now these hats all serve a bigger purpose—they surround a common theme of travel, which, once removed, makes none of the other things as rewarding anymore.

Take it easy on yourself. Take adequate time for self care. Maybe go on a trip somewhere. My mission is to “just fly”. And help you along it I can. You’re welcome to order a copy of my travel book (free for a limited time), or, if you’re serious about accomplishing your travel goals, join my travel hacking masterclass at

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