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Is there a book in your future? Is there a book in your future?
Today is the first Wednesday in a long time where I'm not hosting several webinars. Instead of hosting a webinar, I'm writing this post... Is there a book in your future?

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Today is the first Wednesday in a long time where I’m not hosting several webinars. It’s been a great couple of months connecting with so many of you via video! Instead of hosting a webinar, I’m writing this post about some exciting changes to the Write a Book in a Week program I’ve developed, so if you ever considered the possibility of writing a book in your future, read on! 🙂

Why this program?

I created this program because the one thing more fun to do than writing books and turning them into best sellers is to help others do the same! After my first book The Freedom Project came out, many of you have asked me how I did it: how did I write my book, how did I get it published, and how did I eventually turn it into a best seller?

Over the years, I’ve examined the publishing industry from every conceivable angle, as I searched for the most efficient and effective way to find success in it. What I’ve discovered through my research is that to put an end to these headaches and be truly successful you need to have a step-by-step plan! I knew I needed to get my solution into as many hands as possible. I’ve decided to make my entire system available online, to anyone who needs it!

What is the program?

Write a Book in a Week shares my story of becoming a best selling author, and all the benefits becoming an author can have to all areas of your life. I’ve turned my experience into a proven method, which will guide you to write your book in about a week’s time, publish and sell it! Are you ready to become a best seller?

Thanks to our advanced remote learning technology, you can join my program from anywhere in North America, and receive the coaching and support you need to get your book idea out of your head, down on paper – all the way until being able to hold your own book in your hands, and potentially even becoming the next best selling author.

The Write a Book in a Week program will change the way you think about your business, your career, and yourself. No other course out there will better prepare you for the book you’ve dreamed about, since my program is personalized and includes coaching with your unique needs. It’s an investment into yourself… would now be a good time to get started?

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Write a Book in a

P.S. Questions? Text me: 604-210-8668. Your support means the world to me, so if this post helped you, please consider buying a book (for you), a coffee (for me), or checking out a more in-depth course (for free). Thanks! 🙂

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