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Why Releasing A Book May Be Similar To Giving Birth Why Releasing A Book May Be Similar To Giving Birth
For years I’ve been overthinking my passion, thinking it had to be either writing, teaching, photography, or maybe something else. While I love doing... Why Releasing A Book May Be Similar To Giving Birth

For years I’ve been overthinking my passion, thinking it had to be either writing, teaching, photography, or maybe something else. While I love doing all of those things, the central theme that connects them all for me is travel. It’s probably what you know me for if nothing else. I travel all the time. It doesn’t always have to be somewhere far or exotic. Canada is a beautiful country and a day trip to Banff is literally in my backyard, or a few nights over to the next province British Columbia is a welcome distraction from “everyday” life.

Losing and Finding Unconditional Love

Sell Art OnlineThis past weekend I had to escape from the book release craziness. It’s been a couple of crazy weeks. After losing my dog (unexpectedly), and releasing my Love book (very much planned for), I needed a break. I always do, by the way, need a break. I’m going somewhere almost every month. I enjoy working hard, but then also decompressing and recharging my system once a milestone is achieved. It’s not about working hard and playing hard (or harder). That line is mostly used by people who hate their job. I love what I do, and celebrate my big and small successes when I’m away from it all for a few days.

Writing A Book and Giving Birth

For a guy, releasing a book is probably as close as I’ll ever get to child birth. The creation part is fun, but it’s a painful experience to get it out there. Once it’s there, you forget about all the work that was necessary to get it to see daylight and immediately start thinking about another one. Once a book is out there, that’s how you should treat it: as an entity of its own. A book has a life, and needs a lot of support, especially in the early days, to build up the foundation for a successful life. But when it’s there, it has the potential to take off and do great things. Change lives even. A book lives a life of its own, without the author needing to do much anymore.

That’s what my next few weeks will look like. Now that the book is there, the love journey has only just started. I’m excited to share the story with as many people as possible. We ended the release day on the bestseller list, and I’m excited to see where this goes next. Stay tuned to this blog and of course the podcast!

The Next Step

Now what’s next? I’ve been asking myself that question a lot this weekend. First of all I’ll have a lot more time for my students. I’ve recently released my brand new Travel Revolution class sharing step by step how I go about my travel hacking.I’m really excited about this new program. It’ll change your travelling life, forever. Using screen recordings of my own accounts, I show you exactly how I go about booking free airfare, getting upgraded in hotels (especially Las Vegas) and how I’m currently able to get a free Bahamas trip every year. You can watch a free preview on the link above. If the trailer video resonates with you, I’d love for you to join me for drinks in Vegas: you can join the full course from that same page.

What’s next for you? Whatever you’re thinking of doing next, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel. Someone has already done what you’re trying to accomplish. You can try to figure it all out on your own, or get the support you deserve. If I can help you in any way, please get in touch. To get started, I invite you to explore my online classes at my education institute Liberty Training Academy. All my classes deliver practical advice, not just “value”.

Here’s the current top 3 – the links below will take you to the course landing page, where you’ll be able to watch a free preview video for each of them:

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