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I’m thrilled to be back from a short holiday break, unveiling a fresh design for my blog site. Take a moment to explore, and I’d love to hear your thoughts. Feel free to text me at 604-210-8668. I hope you enjoy the new look, upcoming resources, and content this year.

The Elephant in the Boardroom

Elephant and woman in Thailand
Elephant and woman in Thailand

Now, let’s address a vital issue: the mistreatment of elephants in some tourist destinations. Did you know that to tame an elephant, they put it in a cage that is too small and beat it for months until the elephant hangs its head? They break its spirit. Before participating in activities like elephant rides or interactions (even apparent innocent interactions like washing or feeding), be aware of the potential cruelty involved in their training. Opt for experiences where you can observe these magnificent animals from a respectful distance.

Transitioning back to office life post-holiday has its challenges, drawing parallels to the oppressive nature of certain corporate environments. They put people in cramped cubicles and beat them for months with passive-aggressive emails and meetings until the once-strong elephant hangs its head. My goal was to avoid burnout in the first workweek of the year, and while it was a close call, I’m already considering booking another trip for rejuvenation.

There has to be a better way

In the quest for a better approach, many modern companies are shifting away from traditional management styles, fostering collaboration over a rigid corporate hierarchy. This aligns with my work philosophy – making a meaningful impact, finding happiness, minimizing stress, and receiving fair compensation.

Depressed about the state of the world? Look for stories of people making a positive difference. Modern companies embracing collaboration over hierarchy are a beacon of hope, demonstrating a shift away from outdated management practices.

My approach to work mirrors my social media preferences – I value real connections. In my professional life, I prefer working with genuine individuals, not confined by corporate structures. That’s the essence of freedom, and it’s what my books and blog are all about – Living by Experience, embracing versatility, and cultivating a life rich with diverse experiences.

One more thing…

Oh, and one more thing: real people text. In 2024, I’m transitioning from email to text. Join the conversation – text me at 604-210-8668 and say hello!

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